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February 5, 2016
by Stefan Meeuws

Lost Property enters UK Album Charts at 31!

Turin Brakes have something to celebrate: Lost Property made it into the UK Album Charts at no. 31 today. This is great news, because it means Lost Property is the first Turin Brakes studio album since Dark On Fire (no. 36) to break into the top 40. Outbursts and We Were Here missed out on the top 40 (entering the charts at 64 and 42), but now Lost Property‘s 31st placing means the highest-charting album since JackInABox, and all this on an indie label budget. It even surpasses Dark On Fire.

Turin Brakes Charts

So this is a great achievement for the label and the band, who have clearly managed to find a great audience with this latest piece of work and chartwise the trajectory appears to be upwards since signing to Cooking Vinyl in 2010. Hurrah! Onwards onto bigger things!



February 5, 2016
by Stefan Meeuws

New London Show, Bigger Amsterdam Show

Time for today’s headlines in Turin Brakes play Capitals Of The World News:

After the Union Chapel on 20 February sold-out in a blink of an eye and then some, the band have wisely announced another London show. Sadly it’s not in February but aaaaaallllllll the way at the end of the year on December 9th, at Islington Assembly Hall. What better way to end a year full of TB highlights :). Imagine the lives we’ll have in between… And then… TURIN BRAKES LIVE IN LONDON! Tickets are on sale now. According to The Guardian, the venue is quite nice.

Meanwhile, Turin Brakes Amsterdam show at Paradiso was sold out over two months in advance. Yay! DUTCHIES REPRESENT! Therefore the gig has now been moved to Bitterzoet, a lovely slightly bigger venue closer to Amsterdam Central Station. This means 100 additional tickets have been released, which will go like hot cakes. Get them now. Previously bought tickets are still valid but please note the gig now starts later (8.30PM). Which seems better anyway. Ether Site will be at the show, so come say hi ;).



February 4, 2016
by Stefan Meeuws

Press Round-Up: Lost Property interviews and sessions

So if you’ve lost track about where and when Turin Brakes are popping up…. Here’s to make sure these interviews don’t become Lost Property (yes, I’m proud of this pun, a little bit). Anyway, here are some of those press appearances:

BBC Radio Wiltshire

A lovely interview on the Afternoon Show on BBC Wiltshire talking about fans (“the usual suspects at the barriers” ;)), the album release cycle and much more and Keep Me Around live:

BBC London Live at The Old Vinyl Factory

Here’s a nice interview about vinyl, the new album and two live songs: Keep Me Around and Underdog (Save Me) on BBC Radio London. It starts 2 hours and 44 minutes in.

The Independent Interview

If you like words you can read, The Independent has your back. Olly says things like: “We never wanted to be one of those bands that put out one great album and then stopped… we wanted to put out 10. So when you get to the end of our career there’ll be all these great stepping stones going right back to the beginning, because that’s what our favourite artists did. It’s a lifetime body of work, really.”

Songwriting Magazine interview

Somehow I forgot to post this interview for Songwriting Magazine earlier, but it’s definitely worth a read:

“In some ways, you can always tell it’s Turin Brakes. We’re a bit like Woody Allen who kind of remakes the same film over and over again and finds different angles on it. There’s nothing wrong with that; some of the greatest artists in history just refine and refine the same feeling and idea. I think you can never do enough, you can always do it better and you can always bring it into focus more and get your audience to feel what you’re trying to get across in more successful ways. The only people who’ll end it will be us, but there would have to be a big reason why we would stop.”

Gaesteliste.de interview

If you like your words in German, here’s a hopefully good interview für you.

“Ja, ausgehend von der Idee einer vierköpfigen Band wollten wir den Sound eines großen Universums erzeugen – anstatt einfach den von vier Jungs in einem Raum”, fällt Gale noch ein, “und dieses Mal ging es uns auch nicht darum, uns von Pro Tools fernzuhalten. Wir wollten modern klingen und mit zeitgemäßen Geschmacksempfindungen mithalten können.”

Full in-store performance

Just watch it:

BBC Radio 2 Dermot O'Leary

January 30, 2016
by Stefan Meeuws

Listen again: Turin Brakes play three songs for Dermot O’Leary (BBC Radio 2)

Turin Brakes joined Dermot O’Leary today for a really great radio session and interview. Turin Brakes have joined the BBC Radio 2 show many times now and Dermot is clearly a great fan of the band. The band played acoustic versions of Keep Me Around, Jump Start and a cover of Wonderful Life by Black.

BBC Radio 2 Dermot O'Leary

The segment starts 15 minutes in and can be listened to again here until next week. Very much recommended. It also features Gale being diagnosed with a twitchy elbow.

Isle of Wight Festival

January 30, 2016
by Stefan Meeuws

Turin Brakes play Camp Bestival, Isle of Wight and Belladrum festivals

Turin Brakes are confirmed for the following festivals, in addition to the previously announced set at Bearded Theory:

9-12 June 2016: Isle of Wight Festival (Isle of Wight)
29 July 2016: Camp Bestival (Dorset)
4-6 August 2016: Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival (Inverness)

Good to see Turin Brakes will be busy playing their awesome music over the Summer! :) We’ll keep you posted as more festivals are announced!


January 30, 2016
by Stefan Meeuws

Listen & Watch again: Turin Brakes @ BBC Quay Sessions

So hopefully everyone got to listen to Lost Property now, if not: you’re in for a special treat! GO DO IT!

On Thursday night Turin Brakes’ set at BBC Quay Sessions was broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland. You can listen to the amazing hour of music here, it features: 96, We Were Here, Keep Me Around, Lost Property, Jump Start, Balham To Brooklyn, Painkiller, Fishing For A Dream, Underdog (Save Me) and a cover of Rip it Up by Orange Juice. It’s a really great set that gave me goosebumps at various times while listening. If you want to sample some highlights, watch the videos for Rip It Up and Keep Me Around below:

But the whole set is worth listening to! And there are these extended highlights courtesy of the BBC Scotland website:

Don’t forget to tune into BBC Radio 2 this afternoon for Dermot O’Leary’s show where Turin Brakes play an acoustic session.

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January 29, 2016
by Stefan Meeuws

Press: Nicola’s Optimist Story

Nicola wrote a very nice blog about how she got into Turin Brakes, to celebrate Lost Property being released. It’s called:

My Optimist Story or How Turin Brakes Made Me Cool

It’s a nice read because it airs things we all feel about TB’s awesome music. Like this paragraph:

The music itself is something that speaks to me on a whole other level.  The emotive lyrics, the brilliance of Gale’s guitar and Olly’s voice is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever heard.  So beautiful, yet powerful when required, it’s something I don’t think I could live without now.

 Definitely check out the full blog and follow her site on Twitter :).
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January 29, 2016
by Stefan Meeuws

Lost Property – The Ether Site Review

By now, we should know what makes a Turin Brakes album. In fact, I’m pretty sure We Were Here summed that up perfectly in 2013, while also signaling a new beginning for a new era. So if WWH was a new baseline, Lost Property is a new mindf*ck. In a way, it’s what Ether Song was to The Optimist LP, but that doesn’t do it justice and also makes you expect things of it that you shouldn’t expect. There are ingredients that are similar: like a band boosted in confidence by their last recording experience, a desire to create bigger and more ambitious songs and room for experimentation. But the outcome is wildly different. Whether the effect on fans is too, we’ll know very soon…
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January 28, 2016
by Stefan Meeuws

Olly Knights Answers: Cover Art, Tour and more

This week it’s release week in the world of Turin Brakes. This means we’re counting down to the release of the new Turin Brakes album Lost Property. Olly Knights has kindly agreed to answer some questions about the new record. Today we’re publishing the final part of this series. Tomorrow we publish our review of Lost Property! Today Olly talks about the cover art of Lost Property, the song Rome and plans for the tour and the future.

What about the cover art, once again by Sam Chivers, what is that all about?

Olly: “We love his work, it feels like a great visual partner to the music at the moment. The last two albums feel slightly different to the ones before, like a new set, so it just feels correct to still use Sam’s amazing work, it’s something about his craft mixed with his slightly surreal space themes.”

From an Italian fan: What is the song Rome based on? Has it got anything to do with your experiences in this city?

Olly: “It came from the experience of sitting on an ancient wall outside the colosseum together strumming guitars and just hanging around in Rome as a band, it was a wonderful dream like moment. The song weaves all that in with some childhood memory’s and ancient intentions that may or may not have come to fruition.”

From a UK fan:  Do you or the band have any superstitious habits before a gig or during a recording session etc?

Olly: “I used to do the same warm ups every night, pacing around singing To You from an I Am Kloot song off Natural History. But now I don’t bother, we just find a nice quiet pub and pretend we’re hanging out, then about half an hour before the show we wander back and wander on to the stage, it’s so much better than pacing around backstage getting all freaked out.”

What songs (from the new LP) are you looking forward to playing on tour most?

Olly: “Black Rabbit, last night we came up with a cool outro which is fun, The Quiet Ones feels lovely to play too, as well as Lost Property and 96, all of em? Ha.”

Keep Me AroundAre there special plans for the upcoming tour?

Olly: “Just to give the best experience we can to the fans, it will stay simple, no movie screens and fireworks, just the band and the fans.”

So what’s next for Turin Brakes? There seems to be a good flow building up with ‘Keep Me Around’ as a single… How far are you looking ahead? Any plans yet for the future?

Olly: “It’s feeling good at the moment, hearing TB back on the radio a bit is quite thrilling! I will be glad to just get this record out so we can start seeing if there’s anything new in the tank. We are just appreciating what we have at the moment, it’s nice to be back for a while.”

Thank you Olly! And thank you for reading! Also check out part 1part 2 and part 3

Lost Property - small

January 27, 2016
by Stefan Meeuws

Olly Knights Answers: writing ‘Lost Property’

This week it’s release week in the world of Turin Brakes. This means we’re counting down to the release of the new Turin Brakes album Lost Property. Olly Knights has kindly agreed to answer some questions about the new record, which we’ll be publishing over the next few days. Also coming up: a review of Lost Property and hopefully many more goodies! Today Olly talks about recording and producing Lost Property.

With the band being a proper four-piece now, how has the songwriting process changed? Is it still you writing songs mostly, or exchanging ideas with Gale? Or do Rob and Eddie play a bigger part in the songwriting as well?

Olly: “It’s starts out as it always has, I find myself writing, I show it to G, we talk and make changes or expand or throw out but then (and this is the key difference now) we take the results to Rob and Edd and we all work on them together as a band in my studio. We keep what feels good as a band and we throw away what doesn’t… Simples.”

20131205tb006How has writing with other artists influenced this record, if at all?

Olly: “It’s been healthy to be less scared of just getting stuck in, music is just music, it doesn’t really have to involve much thinking thank god, it’s mostly instinct… The sessions we do always remind us of this point.”

How did you end up working with Tom Speight on the album? And what did he bring to the table after you have been working together as a unit for so long?

Olly: “We wrote about twenty songs together, mostly with the intention of being for Tom’s EPs and album. In the course of that we wrote a few which seemed to suit my voice more than his, when it came time for recording we realised we were just as close to these songs as the ones I’d written for the record and they went to places we enjoyed going to.”

Check back tomorrow for more answers from Olly, including the plans for the tour, the future and the ‘Lost Property’ artwork. Also check out part 1 and part 2