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November 12, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

Two new Mountains and Molehills remixes released

So here’s some remixes of Turin Brakes’ collaboration with dubstep king Flux Pavillion (apparently, I don’t really know much about dubstep). What I do know is that these two remixes are pretty groovy. :)

Both remixes are commercially available on the Freeway Remixes EP. You can still hear the original here.



2014-10-13 12.56.12

November 11, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

[Etherish] Dutch Adventures with Turin Brakes

Sorry this took me a bit long… But here’s my memories from the weekend. ;) And if you’re not interested in my words please check out the videos, audio and photos! 

As any Turin Brakes fan outside the United Kingdom knows, it can be hard to see your favourite band live. Some European countries have been lucky – Germany has been relatively well-served with tour dates and Italy has done alright in recent years. For The Netherlands, it’s “only” been four years. But four years is still a very long time in my world of music. And I prefer to see my favourite band at least once a year. That’s why I often travel to the UK to see them instead. I’ve seen Turin Brakes more times in the UK than in The Netherlands.

So it feels special when they come to town. It’s a real treat. I will attempt to drag along friends and co-workers to prove I’m not crazy and show them this is a really great band. That’s what I did and it was an amazing weekend. We had some epic adventures. But mostly we saw three really good gigs.

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Dermot O'Leary

October 26, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

Listen again to Turin Brakes’ lullabies

Earlier this year, Turin Brakes recorded three lullabies for BBC Radio 2’s Dermot O’Leary show. Because they have since disappeared from the internet, I’ve edited them out of the show and uploaded them on Soundcloud. There’s two classics and one original lullaby. I hope you enjoy them:

Hush Hush, Somebody’s Calling Your Name

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Every Cell

October 20, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

“We’ve been big fans of whisky in the past but we’ve all had to stop being such big fans of it over the years! It has inspired lots of out of tune bad music at about 2am. But, thank God, nothing that got recorded!”

(says Olly)

Read the full interview with Manchester Evening News here.

2014-10-12 22.44.16

October 13, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

Four videos from W2 show in Den Bosch

So, here’s me recovering from two great nights and three amazing gigs. I will report back later with more audio, video and words. For now, enjoy these YouTube videos of the W2, Den Bosch gig last night. There’s four songs (although Red Moon is a short video due to the dancing I had to do afterwards ;))), two recorded by me and two recorded by the venue. So enjoy!

No Mercy


Underdog (Save Me)

Red Moon (clip)


October 11, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

#TBNL kicks off, follow the gigs online

So, the Dutch gigs are finally here! I’ll be using the Ether Site Twitter handle (@ethersite) to tweet live as stuff is going down. You can follow the hashtag #TBNL here. I’ll also be tweeting from my personal Twitter (@StefanMeeuws) with pictures and things like that. Those should pop up on the hashtag page and if you want to ask me questions you can ask me directly or via the hashtag. Let’s have a good time :).

Remix contest

October 10, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

Winners of ‘International’ Remix contest announced

AskAudioMag.com has announced the winners of the International Remix Contest. Fabio Martorana has won the first prize (a Telefunken M82 dynamic mic and 1 year online subscription to macprovideo.com) with a jazzy rhythm version of International.

Second prize (6 month subscription to macProVideo.com) goes to jookoo, who made a full-bodied version of the song, with an organ and several other instrumentals in the mix.

Third prize is for Fat Mavis, who made a remix that personally reminds of the stuff Fat Boy Slim used to make. It suits the song rather well, I say.

My personal favourite didn’t win a prize, unfortunately, but I’m sharing it here anyway:

You can listen to the other entries here.


October 8, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

Acoustic live performance of ‘Just A Thought’ by Hudson Taylor

Folkpopduo Hudson Taylor just uploaded an acoustic performance of Just A Thought, a song co-written by Turin Brakes. TB and Hudson Taylor performed the song live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in May this year. This performance doesn’t feature Turin Brakes, but it is the best version I’ve found on YouTube yet AND it has the lyrics in the description, so I thought it was worth a little post. The song is rumored to end up on Hudson Taylor’s upcoming debut album. But for now: Enjoy!

Remix contest

October 8, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

Listen to 35 ‘International’ remixes

Turin Brakes haven’t been remixed a lot in recent years, but the International remix is making up for lost time, with at least 35 entries in time for the deadline. The winner has yet to be announced, but that doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying some sick beats and weird effects on Soundcloud. For example, you could listen to the Harry Does remix, or the Dutch Attic remix. There’s even a fancy retro Autumnkat 80s Throwback Remix.

There’s plenty to enjoy. If you decide to go on this Remix Trip, please comment below which one you think should win! But be aware, you may find yourself humming International the rest of the day.

And once we find out who the actual winner is, you’ll read it here…

Guess You Heard

October 7, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

[Etherish] Month of Music Madness

I’ve dubbed October as my Month of Music Madness. But it got off to a rocky start. In hindsight, starting your October Music Month on 29 September is cheating anyway, but I was so excited about First Aid Kit that I ignored my body protesting for most of the night (and counted it as part of October as well). I had feeling less than well since the weekend before and despite a very busy Monday and Tuesday I tried to do it all anyway. I dragged myself to the First Aid Kit gig, hoping that the music would magically (madly) make me feel better. It did for a while – the gig was really excellent and I don’t regret going to it, but I had to leave before the encore to drag myself home, to a bed, and get a good night’s sleep. I wasn’t sure whether it was stress, a cold or something else but it didn’t feel good and I had resigned myself to calling in sick for work the next day.

Only, I felt better the next day and I saw out the week despite the initial symptoms of just feeling crappy evolving into a proper cold, which I’m nursing as we speak, over one week later. I’m hoping it will go away soon and I’ve been on a strict regime of early nights and mostly decent food hoping I’m recovered before the next stretch kicks off…

Because although I’ve been listening to some excellent new music lately (Jeff Tweedy’s Low Key song is very enjoyable, as is Erlend Øye’s brand-new Legao album, the next live portion of my month of music madness is this weekend when Turin Brakes come to town. Or more precisely: three towns. I’m going to Amsterdam on Saturday afternoon and from there I will go to both Amsterdam and Den Bosch gigs, and of course do the acoustic set in my hometown of Nijmegen on Sunday afternoon.

So that’s three gigs and it feels like a little adventure and excitement in the mundane everyday life. It might even sound crazy, or mad, to do the three gigs. But hey, I’m excited so don’t try to stop me ;). People have done crazier things in life, right? RIGHT?

The music month then continues on Tuesday – with the same Erlend Øye playing Amsterdam, Thomas Dybdahl coming to my hometown the week after. There’s another gig I’m going to on the 30th and then in November former Turin Brakes support act Kevin Pearce comes to The Netherlands, and there’s some interesting festivals happening in that month as well. So, well, you know… Plenty of music happening for sure.

I’m currently deciding what the weekend should look like online. W2 could/should be livestreaming the gig and there’ll be some tweets from the road for sure, but we’re thinking of doing a podcast in-between gigs and little videos maybe, if you’re all up for that, let me know in the comments or via Facebook or Twitter. Hashtag will be #TBNL – is that a good one?

Speaking of those social channels, Ether Site just hit 300 likes on Facebook, so thanks for all your support guys. To celebrate I made a little Turin Brakes Live Playlist on Spotify with frequently played live songs by the band. If you want to prepare for the upcoming gigs, or just want to listen to some classic Turin Brakes songs, I suggest you check it out :D.

Also, Brutal Bookings are giving away two pairs of tickets on Twitter and Facebook for the Den Bosch gig on Sunday night. So if you couldn’t afford to go to these shows, now you can… Maybe? Or you can drag two friends alone who will be amazed by the wonders of this awesome band.

Anyway, hopefully see you in Amsterdam, Nijmegen or Den Bosch. Come say Hi! if you like, or not if you don’t ;). It should be a great weekend even if the weather isn’t as Summer-y as it was only a couple of days ago.

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