December 1, 2015
by Stefan Meeuws

St Paul’s Arts Centre, a deconsecrated church in Chapel Road, Worthing, is set to close amid a lack of funds. The current trust set up to run events in the building has announced that it is disbanding, meaning the existing business is coming to an end. Turin Brakes played the venue in 2012, 2013 and 2014, so it’s sad this tradition comes to an end.

More details here.



November 30, 2015
by Stefan Meeuws

New Tom Speight EP featuring Turin Brakes collaboration

Tom Speight, support act for the Lost Property tour and this Friday in Liverpool, has been working with our favourite band these past years and one of the fruits of their labour has surfaced on the Dermot O’Leary show last Saturday. If you stuck around after hearing Keep Me Around – for another two hours – you heard Little Love, which features Olly Knights on backing vocals at the very least. Dermot even says so at the end of the song, that it’s featuring Turin Brakes. Tom Speight is formerly known as Thomas J Speight.

The song is said to be released on a new Tom Speight EP also called Little Love released on 15 January and available for pre-order here. More details when we have it, the full tracklist is as follows:

  1. Little Love
  2. Something To Say
  3. If I Belong
  4. Green Eyes

Not sure if the other tracks have any TB-involvement, but the samples sound very nice. Listen to the full Little Love song 2 hours and 39 minutes in here.

Keep Me Around: a colorful and catchy new Turin Brakes single

November 29, 2015 by Stefan Meeuws | 0 comments

Here’s the colorful and catchy new Turin Brakes single. Keep Me Around combines some classic Turin Brakes elements – like Gale’s riffs, dudududus and a  classic Olly vocal – and puts a whole new spin on them. Clash Music describes it as “Completely contagious and wonderfully British”. The video features the band made out of colored dots, playing the song while also jumping against a black background. The video is slightly faster than the album version and features some extra layers of sounds too make it a bit more danceable. Check it out now and let us know what you think!


November 28, 2015
by Stefan Meeuws

New single ‘Keep Me Around’ premiering today

YES! I was wondering when we’d get a new teaser of Lost Property and it’s apparently happening today! From 3PM, Dermot O’Leary’s show on BBC Radio 2 is set to premier the new – and first – single proper from the new album and it’s called Keep Me Around. Three hours later, the video will go live on Facebook and other social channels presumably. A teaser video revealed an intriguing CGI-look for our band today, with the guys made out of colourful dots. The intro music sounds equally colourful and upbeat, with tututututus included! Looks like an exciting day :). Stick around, folks!

Tune in to Dermot O'Leary on BBC Radio 2 tomorrow from 3pm for the radio premiere of our new single ‘Keep Me Around’ and check our Facebook page around 6pm for the premiere of the new video for the same track!

Posted by Turin Brakes (Official) on Friday, November 27, 2015


November 21, 2015
by Stefan Meeuws

EXCLUSIVE: Olly Knights on Amazon Christmas song ‘New Year’s Day’

Turin Brakes have released a brand-new song for the holidays by ways of Amazon’s Indie for the Holidays playlist, which is now available on Amazon Prime but can also be bought separately (except I can’t because you need a UK credit card). I’ve only heard a 30 second sample so I can’t give you any answers on what it sounds like. I can, however, give you Olly’s answers to some questions I asked him about the song.

How did the song New Year’s Day come into existence? 

The song was was part of the batch I wrote for the new album but didn’t quite fit the puzzle so we left it. Then when Amazon contacted our label about their Christmas compilation we resurrected it with a seasonal twist.

What was it like writing an original Christmas song? Was it harder than writing a normal song?IndiefortheHolidays-ASIN_100615-560x5601-560x5601

Not at all, It was quite fun actually because before I “Christmasised” the song it didn’t quite have the lyrical hook that I was happy with so I saw it as a creative thing.

Based on the 30 second clip it sounds vintage Turin Brakes and also a bit melancholic. What theme were you going for?

It was always about the hole someone leaves in a family when they go missing, adding Christmas to the situation just made it all the more poignant… I always notice in news reports for missing people the family often says “whatever trouble you’re in we can work it out, we just want you home” and that inspired the song.

Do you have a favourite Christmas standard / song that we should check out for the holidays this year?

Olly: “River” by Joni Mitchell – one of the truly greatest Christmas songs ever because it’s sad :)

Thank you Olly for your answers! If anyone is able to get the song, please let us know what it sounds like and/or send us the lyrics!

The song is available to Amazon Prime listeners right now in the Indie for The Holidays playlist, although if you’re in the UK you can also buy it here (or listen to a 30-second-preview).


November 20, 2015
by Stefan Meeuws

Turin Brakes announce Italian tour dates

Europe watch out! Turin Brakes are coming to the mainland. Starting with four dates in Italy clearly as can be seen on the poster below.


If you can’t read images here are the tour dates in good old words:

14 April – Unplugged in Monti – Chiesa Metodista – Roma (ooh a church!)
15 April – Hiroshima Mon Amour – Torino (Turin? Geddit? Turin Brakes!)
16 April – Covo Club – Bologna (hmmm pasta)
17 April – Latteria Molloy – Brescia (more like Breast-cia am I right? No? Ok… I’ll get my coat…)

Details for tutti in Italiano.

Turin Brakes last played Italy in 2014. Earlier this year, Fishing For A Dream was used in an Italian commercial.

Turin Brakes UK tour 2016

November 4, 2015
by Stefan Meeuws

Turin Brakes announce Lost Property UK tour

Turin Brakes have just announced their UK tour for February / March 2016 through a nice little video on Facebook (with a new song playing in the background!). Kicking off in Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms on 18 February it will end at the Live Rooms in Chester on 13 March. In between those dates the band play venues like London’s Union Chapel, Brighton’s Concorde 2 and many venues they’ve played before, including Gloucester’s Guildhall and Cambridge’s Junction and Birmingham’s Glee Club. Full list here:

Turin Brakes UK tour 2016

Check out the Facebook announcement here.

Presale has started right now and includes an option to buy the album alongside your tickets (which is kinda cool!). General sale starts Friday at 10 AM via Seetickets.

Excited? EXCITED!


November 3, 2015
by Stefan Meeuws

Lost Property: “both hopeful and unsettling”

Lost Property 600x600In a press blurb / article released on, there are some more magical words describing the new album:

Turin Brakes release their hotly anticipated new album, Lost Property, through Cooking Vinyl, on January 29th 2016. The opening track 96 is available as an instant grat track. You can watch below.

A collection of dispatches from the elusive side of reality that’s just a twist away from the everyday, Lost Property features the band’s trademark West-Coast acoustic guitar and widescreen harmony textures. Listen carefully beneath the lush, cinematic production the band created with co-conspirator Ali Staton (Madonna, La Roux) in the analogue world of Rockfields’ legendary studio; and you’ll hear other hints and stories, both hopeful and unsettling, resonating with unexpected echoes from your own life.

The record scales up from the intimacy of Martini, through the uneasy domesticity of Quiet Ones, the futuristic pulse of 96, the yearning gospel inflections of Save You hurtling towards the towering darkness of epic finale Black Rabbit.

There’s the intimacy and warmth that Turin Brakes have taken along with them down the years, but this time reaching up towards something bigger, more epic in scope and darker in hue. It’s a sound yearning for the wide open spaces of the USA but rooted in the grimy streets of South London, still unique, still unforgettable.

How many pundits frantically casting their runes back in 1999 for predictions for the new millennium would have foreseen that Turin Brakes would be releasing their seventh studio album in 2016? Back then, they were hotly-tipped young ingénues, and we all know what usually happens to them in the heartless world of showbiz….While many of the rest of the class of 2000 seem forever frozen into the faces in their yearbook pictures, Turin Brakes are still making their way through the century’s changing landscape.



November 2, 2015
by Stefan Meeuws

Lost Property: “A pastures new type of record”

Well, the first interview about the new album has arrived and it comes courtesy of Record Rewind Play. Olly talks about making the new record and describes it as ‘a pastures new type of record, but with all the experience of what happens when we leave our comfort zone thrown in.’

He says about working together as a band:

We’ve gotten pretty good at working together, but there sure is pressure, from us and from time mainly. We have had to become experts at it or else we’d never have made it this long. We all have our ways of behaving, positive, negative, slow, fast but I see it very philosophically, essential parts of a musical whole. Having said that I am of course usually right about everything, ahem!

And about the album’s themes:

It’s all too close at the moment to sum up, but I keep seeing threads, repeated ideas and images. If “We Were Here” was a little outer space obsessed then this stuff seems to be inner space obsessed, “when we turn the telescopes fromthe sky to within” is a lyrical example. I enjoy the notion that inner space can be just as vast and curious as the big black and is in fact inseparable from it, a universe on the tip of every finger. These things get smashed together with the poetry of the everyday on the new album.

Read the full interview over at Record Rewind Play to read about the new album, touring plans and much more >>


Lost Property - small

November 2, 2015
by Stefan Meeuws

Turin Brakes announce 7th album: ‘Lost Property’ – download ’96’ now!

Turin Brakes have just announced their 7th album. It’s called Lost Property and available for pre-order now and will be released on 29 January 2016! YAY!

If you pre-order the album via the official storeAmazon or iTunes you instantly get opening track 96, a clip of which could be heard in the teaser video released last Friday. The full tracklist runs as follows:

  1. 96
  2. Keep Me Around
  3. The Quiet Ones
  4. Lost Property
  5. Rome
  6. Brighter Than The Dark
  7. Save You
  8. Martini
  9. Jump Start
  10. Hope We Make It
  11. Black Rabbit


26576So that means that by the end of January we’ve got 11 new TB songs to listen to! More news when we have it :). If you pre-order via the official store you get swooshy t-shirts and everything. Excuse me while I go run outside and then come back in and pre-order!


Check out the video for ’96’ here: