May 6, 2015
by Stefan Meeuws

Celebrate #10yearsJackInABox – contribute now!

30 May 2015 is the 10th anniversary of JackInABox, the third Turin Brakes album. So it’s time to give it some LOVE. On Twitter, Nicola (Call_Me_Cynical) came up with the great idea that everybody picks a track to write about. So here’s how it’s gonna work.

  1. Pick one or more tracks from the album JackInABox 
  2. Write/record something about it (what it means to you or a story related to it or just a comment about it). It can be 1 paragraph or a whole blog. It can be a video or a photo or an audio recording. Or a combination of all those things.
  3. Send it to Ether Site via Twitter, Facebook or E-Mail (ethersite@gmail.com)
  4. From Saturday 30 May 2015 your contributions will be featured here on Ether Site. Depending on the number of contributions (and the length and format) we’ll do individual song posts with all the contributions on or just a (couple of) huge round-up post(s) to celebrate the album.
  5. You can enter as many times as you like for as many songs as you like. Please state the name under which your contribution can be published here on the site and add your location for good measure.
  6. Go wild!

Sounds fun eh! Let’s go for it. :) Send your things now!


April 28, 2015
by Stefan Meeuws

Turin Brakes headline Lyme Folk Festival in August 2015

Turin Brakes have just announced their first festival appearance of 2015 at Lyme Folk. This may very well be one of the few dates they play before the release of the 7th album… As one Julie Sheppard comments to the Dorset Echo it is the second time Turin Brakes play the festival in Lyme Regis:

“We’re delighted that Turin Brakes have agreed to be the opening act this year. They were firm favourites with the audience when they last played here and we’re expecting heavy demand for tickets when they go on sale.”

The festival takes place at the Marine Theatre. TB play on 21 August. At this moment in time, tickets have yet to go on sale. No other artists have yet been announced. We’ll keep you posted. For now take a look at this sunny picture of the band and pretend it is Summer already:


Fineco advertisement

April 21, 2015
by Stefan Meeuws
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Fishing For A Dream in new Italian ad campaign

Ciao Bella! Fishing For A Dream has made its way into an Italian bank commercial.

Born from the creative agency BCube, the new campaign started on April 19 and will be on air for four weeks on the main national networks, on the web and on the radio, with a storytelling more evolved: a child asks his father how the earth is made , who replied simply “It’s round.” An assumption that today seems obvious, but that is actually the result of measurement, calculation and debates. A complex path that, in the metaphor advertising, the father manages to turn in a game, answering the easy way.

The spot along the thread of emotion, thanks to the choice of music: for the first time, Fineco does not rely on a piece composed specifically but to a piece from the discography: “Fishing for a Dream”, the duo indie English “Turin Brakes “.

If the text above seems a bit “meh” it’s because it’s made by Google Translate (my Italian isn’t very good). In some way, it tells you all the details though.

The spot can also be watched on Fineco’s website.

I think Time & Money would be a more inspired choice for a bank commercial, but hey, it’s nice to see the song pop up on Italian tv :).

Schermafbeelding 2015-03-20 om 15.26.02

March 20, 2015
by Stefan Meeuws

#ALBUM7: A tiny glimpse of a new song being recorded

I’m not sure whether I’m gonna be able to live with these little vines appearing. On the one hand they’re AWESOME. They are glimpses of the future, of work in progress. On the other hand they’re frustratingly short and I NEED MORE. So, anyway. Watch at your own risk ;). Don’t forget to turn on the sound.

Yes. I need more.

Rockfield Studios

March 19, 2015
by Stefan Meeuws

Turin Brakes return to Rockfield to record new album

This vine video has revealed Turin Brakes have begun recording their new, 7th studio album. Just like with the last album, We Were Here, it’s being recorded over two weeks in Rockfield studios in Wales.

Not much is known besides above mini video yet. But we’ll be closely eyeing all social channels to see if glimpses of the next album recordings may surface, like they did two years ago. It’ll probably be a while before we hear new songs though, so perhaps we could listen to this live video again in the meantime?

Video: Turin Brakes play for Dermot O’Leary (Comic Relief)

March 14, 2015 by Stefan Meeuws | 0 comments

Check out Turin Brakes playing three songs for Dermot O’Leary’s 24 hours dance marathon for Comic Relief. The band turned up in the middle of the night to help Dermot dance to the tunes of The Sea Change, Underdog (Save Meand Painkiller. Check them out above!

Thanks to David for sending the video (and for anyone who offered to record it!) It’s much appreciated for all of us outside of the UK :).

March 12, 2015
by Stefan Meeuws

Turin Brakes on BBC Red Nose Day

Turin Brakes will be helping Dermot O’Leary tonight by playing some live tunes for him (and you) during his marathon 24 hour dance for charity! The band are playing live at around 2am. You can come and watch the band (and Dermot) live at Broadcasting House or on the RED BUTTON on digital TV (UK) or here. The band say:

Should be a blast… we’re only doing a short set but there are other surprises and things going on

Dermot O’Leary is not a dancer. At 7.20pm today he starts dancing for Red Nose Day. 24 hours later he will stop. The man needs your support. Sponsor him now.

If anyone has any chance to record is, then please do! And share :). I will be fast asleep (it will be 3am here in The Netherlands, after all, and that’s way past my bedtime on a week day ;)).


Fat Mavis

February 28, 2015
by Stefan Meeuws

Interview with Fat Mavis about ‘International’ remix

After last year’s remix competition for International, Fat Mavis felt that his remix could sound even better than it does. This year, he re-releases his remix as a free download. Ether Site asked him some questions about his remix, which sounds like a funked up version with some political connotations. Here are his answers, where he reveals his influences and how he re-released his remix this year.

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