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April 19, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

Watch: the full Optimist live gig from Brighton, 2011

The Optimist Live

Now here’s a good way to wake up… One Nick Driftwood has uploaded a full filmed gig from The Optimist Live tour, recorded on the closing night in Brighton. Dedicating it to TB keyboard player (rarely seen live these days, unfortunately, but he plays on We Were Here too) Little Phil he writes:

This is for the Brakes fans out there! Here’s an acoustic gig I filmed a few years back in Brighton (never released) – The Optimist LP recorded live in a Brighton Church – done mainly on a bunch of hacked Panasonic GH2′s, Ive rendered it out at 720p for Vimeo as the 1080p version is over 30 gigs big. 
At least now there’s a record of the gig available on the internet for the many who requested it. And fuck it – I don’t care what people think about the shots & the edit – this is good ol’ honest rock ‘n’ roll as it happened in real time. Nice n Edgey!

All songs copyright the Turin Brakes and Astralwerks.


Wouldn’t mind watching it on full HD but 720 will do nicely ;). So don’t think this is just one camera angle or crappy quality: this is the best Turin Brakes live recording I’ve ever seen and it features rare gems from the guys that were only played on that tour.

Thanks Joe Smith for the tip and making my weekend (your e-mail doesn’t work though)!

Schermafbeelding 2014-04-17 om 14.12.59

April 17, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

Turin Brakes return to Newcastle in October

Schermafbeelding 2014-04-17 om 14.12.59

Yes! Turin Brakes have added a date to their October gigs in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Newcastle is of course, famous for being the location of the Fishing for a Dream video. And for not being a location on the We Were Here tour last year. So grab this chance to see the band play The Cluny on 25 October. The venue thinks this is gonna sell out, so don’t wait too long with buying tickets (20 GBP)!



April 17, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

Cooking Vinyl auction rare test vinyls for cancer charity

This Record Store Day Cooking Vinyl is auctioning a selection of rare vinyl test pressings from their artist roster, including Seth Lakeman , The SubwaysThe CranberriesBilly Bragg,The OrbTurin Brakes (Official)Alison Moyet , Marilyn Manson , Skindred (official) , Madness , Embrace , The Pretty Reckless , Black Spiders , Gary Numan Official , The Rifles , City and Colour and Reverend And The Makers. The first auction is now live, with the second starting on Tuesday 22nd April and the third on Monday 28th April.

The format will be three eBay auctions spanning five days each, giving fans the opportunity to own some genuinely rare 12” and 7” vinyl from their favourite artists, with all proceeds being donated to the The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

Find out more: http://www.recordoftheday.com/news-and-press/rare-vinyl-test-pressings-to-be-auctioned-in-aid-of-royal-marsden

While it is unclear what Turin Brakes item is being auctioned (but probably a test pressing of either Outbursts and We Were Here), they are quoted on their support:

“We are pleased to support the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity as cancer care and research are both hugely important for everyone it seems in recent times. No one gets away without being affected by cancer at some point in their lives so we are happy to help in our small way.  Our test pressings are normally reserved for only our very innermost circle… so we hope you enjoy it as much as the man in our corner shop would have done.” Turin Brakes


Please note that due to the nature of test pressings they can sometimes have audio imperfections and they usually come without any cover artwork etc. But they are genuine, rare items. As Cooking Vinyl Production Manager Marcus Knight says:

“Over the past couple of years we have built up an esteemed collection of test pressings that span the width of our diverse roster. As these pressings are in very limited supply, they become a coveted item for music fans and collectors. We wanted to give fans the opportunity to own these rare and non-commercial pieces of memorabilia.

We also felt it would be a great opportunity to help raise money for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, a charity that is close to the heart of several people here at Cooking Vinyl. We’re extremely pleased with the response we’ve had from our artists and the support we have received”

We’ll report back here when the auction is live although I’d advise you all not to bid on it and let me win ;). Just kidding! Let’s raise a lot of money for charity!

Guess You Heard

April 13, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

Turin Brakes release sunny Guess You Heard video

Schermafbeelding 2014-04-13 om 22.24.12

In a message sent to the subscribers of the official mailinglist, Turin Brakes have thanked their fans for the response to We Were Here, the UK tour and the US dates. They also took the time to premier the new video for Guess You Heard, shot in sunny Los Angeles with the band cruising Venice Beach. The video is fun, sunny and a bit tongue-in-cheek I dare say, with Olly cruising out of the frame when the chorus backing vocals kick in and other little touches. Pretty perfect then!

Please share it with your friends :).

The message in the newsletter:

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April 12, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

[Etherish] When a good album hits home

For me, being a Turin Brakes fan involves doing a lot of things. For example:

  • Updating this website and its Twitter / Facebook pages, for example.
  • Googling for the latest news and searching the social networks for Turin Brakes mentions and replying to those.
  • Adding lyrics to the database (for those interested: all We Were Here lyrics are available here).

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April 8, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

Preview studio version of new song ‘International’

We’re still a-waiting for Acoustic Café to broadcast Turin Brakes’ new song (recorded in The Subway Sessions at SXSW), on their show – it will happen soon they say… But the good news is that there’s now a preview on YouTube, featuring 40 gorgeous seconds of Turin Brakes new song. International is the first new song the guys have premiered since releasing We Were Here and it will be interesting to see whether it will get an outing on the upcoming live dates.



April 7, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

CONTROVERSY! Coldplay steals ‘Painkiller’ video ;)

So yea. One scene in Coldplay’s new Magic video bears a striking resemblance to the best-known Turin Brakes video: Painkiller. As Jeanne (thanks for the heads-up) points out in the tweet below, there’s one pivotal scene that comes straight out of Turin Brakes’ hit video. The band can’t claim they don’t Turin Brakes, since they played together at an Italian festival in 2003. YES!


In Coldplay’s Magic video, the evil guy in the video is levitating up in the air thanks to some “Magic” (I see what you did there!) from Chris Martin. While the story has nothing to do with the Painkiller video (which I still don’t quite understand to this very day, but definitely is full of levitating people), the scene – but in black and white – looks like a carbon copy. Even with shots of the other people in the video looking up afterwards! COMPARE:

Painkiller video:
Schermafbeelding 2014-04-07 om 20.20.09

Magic video:
Schermafbeelding 2014-04-07 om 20.25.00

(Those screenshots maybe should be the other way round! I can’t even tell!)

“Call it Magic?” I call it STEALING!

So… YES! Let’s sue them! Or make every Coldplay fan buy a copy of We Were Here. I bet they’d love it!

Yes, let’s do that!

So if you’re a Coldplay fan, please pay your dues and buy a copy of We Were Here HERE. NOW!

April 3, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

Leamington Spa makes Turin Brakes assemble on 8 May

Turin Brakes add yet another show to their already busy looking schedule for 2014. The day before the earlier today reported Guilford gig sees Turin Brakes play The Assembly in Leamington Spa, near Birmingham and Coventry. 8 May, that is. Tickets are selling via Seetickets from Friday morning. TB will be playing Birmingham later this year, but there’s no harm to see the band twice in a year, I can guarantee you from personal experience ;).