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January 9, 2015
by Stefan Meeuws

Hudson Taylor release debut album ‘Singing for Strangers’

Irish sfs-tracklistfolkpopduo Hudson Taylor are releasing their debut album in Ireland on 16 January and UK / International on 23 March. Pre-ordering Singing for Strangers on iTunes means you get several tracks instantly on your computer device, including Just A Thought - the opening track from the album co-written by Turin Brakes. How awesome is that? You can also preview 90 seconds of said song in iTunes.

The full tracklisting of the album runs as follows, I don’t know whether there are any more collaborations on there… If I find out, I’ll let you know.

As you can see, there are many bonustracks on there, that also appear on the cd version that is listed on Amazon.

Check below for the only live version of the song with Turin Brakes (recorded in London last May by yours truly):


January 3, 2015
by Stefan Meeuws

[Etherish] This is what Turin Brakes should do on their next album

Back in October 2014, during the Dutch tour dates, someone asked me ‘What should Turin Brakes do on the next album?’ It might have been the beer, it might have been the awesome three gigs I just witnessed, it might have been the lack of sleep, but I didn’t have an answer ready. And I always have an answer ready when it comes to Turin Brakes. And to be honest and serious: I don’t really know what Turin Brakes should do next apart from making honest, great music. So I decided to ask YOU…

In the Ether Site Song of the Year survey this year, there was a question about the next album. Turin Brakes appear to be heading to the studio this year and we might even be listening to a follow-up to We Were Here next time we’re sipping champagne and wondering whether we’ve eaten too much food this December… So here’s a selection of things you answered. Some are serious, some are just encouraging, some are weird (and x-rated, so hide your children!) but they’re definitely nice to read and a good start to 2015’s long wait till Album 7. I’ve not added the names of the people who sent them in case they didn’t want to be named on the Internet… So without further ado… Here we go…

This is for you guys!

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January 2, 2015
by Stefan Meeuws

Happy 2015! These are the Songs of the Year

Happy 2015 everyone! I hope you are ready for a brand-new awesome year full of interesting things and events and stories and memories… I know I am!

Thank you everyone for voting in the annual Song of the Year competition. Below I will reveal the results of all your votes. And check back tomorrow for a list of things Turin Brakes should do on the new album according to the voters. For now, check out these videos featuring the top 10 most popular Turin Brakes songs right now…

And the winner is:

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Echo TB

December 25, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

Merry Christmas everyone

So, another year done… Merry Christmas everyone! For those of you that haven’t heard it, click below to listen to Turin Brakes’ rendition of White Christmas.

If you have a minute or two in between all celebrations, click here to send in your Top Turin Brakes songs for the year.

May your days be merry and bright…


December 14, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

Turin Brakes appear at The Christmas Party next Friday

If you read the feature on Kevin Pearce from last week, you might already know this, but Turin Brakes are set to appear at The Christmas Party at The Islington next Friday, organized by none other than TB drummer/manager/awesome dude Rob Allum.

The legendary charity CHRISTMAS PARTY is back after a 5 year hiatus. With the usual ridiculous live music, a host of special guests and a setlist of classics… it’s one heck of a convivial night out for all our friends, old and new. This year the party is happening at The Islington, an atmospheric venue in a splendidly central location, with a late bar.

The party will feature lots of musical performances (including Kevin Pearce), so it’s gonna be a good night, and most importantly it’s for charity:

General public and all friends are positively encouraged to come along and all profits go to Rape Crisis London.

We really hope you can come to the party – but if you can’t make it, but want to support Rape Crisis London, please do so by making a donation.

Tickets are available from here and cost 10 GBP. No matter how long they’ll be playing this is the last TB performance of the year and the first London gig since May this year. Also: the band won’t be gigging again till well into the new year (there’s two dates in February), so if you have a chance and want to give some money to charity while you’re at it: please go! I wish I could make it!

International (cover art)

December 7, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws
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VOTE NOW! Song of the Year 2014

It’s the end of the year and so it’s time to pick the most awesome Turin Brakes song of the year. What song is currently most liked in the Turin Brakes community? There’s only ONE way to decide! The 10th edition of Song of the Year (2014) competition is live NOW. YAY!

The form below allows you to pick your favourite songs and asks you some other things about Turin Brakes. In the top 6 field, please fill in your favourite original Turin Brakes songs, (covers don’t count). Write down your favourite cover in the separate field for it. There’s some other questions as well, but they’re optional… Also if you have forgotten the title to a certain song and can’t be bothered to look it up just tell me “the one that goes like ‘the minute I turned my back it was gone'” and I’ll know which one it is (that is the unreleased Be Home Soon btw, one of two new songs premiered this year along with International).

You can always send me an e-mail at ethersite@gmail.com or leave a comment below if you have any questions! Also, if the form doesn’t work for you, send your answers that way as well. :)

By the way: here are last year’s results.

CLOSING DATE: 31st DECEMBER 2014 (midnight)


Happy voting! :D


December 6, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

Listen again: Turin Brakes on Radio Verulam

Turin Brakes joined Radio Verulam for an interview earlier this week on the Outspoken show, which was largely dedicated to the St Albans music scene. The band have played various shows at The Horn in St Albans and the whole show (which is well worth a listen on demand here) features an interview with the promotions manager from said venue.

Olly and Rob talk about Ed’s and Rob’s role in the band and the name of the band (“If only we were THAT clever”) and for the second time talk about “brakes” being areas of land (have they recently made this up? Or have they just not talked about it before ;)?). They talk about being the charts, Rain City being more about a feeling than a city and touring. And Top of the Pops. And the efficient way they’re touring these days. Sooo, worth a listen.

It starts 36 minutes in here!



Radio Verulam is a community radio station which broadcasts to a number of cities including St Albans, Harpenden, Redbourn and Borehamwood.

Kevin playing in Eindhoven in 2014

December 6, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

Kevin Pearce: from support act to collaborator

Kevin Pearce first entered the universe of Turin Brakes by supporting the band on the We Were Here tour in 2013. By playing wonderful folk songs, he quickly managed to win the attention and hearts of many fans. He recently met up with the guys at the Whisky Sessions and on his new album Dynamite he takes his Turin Brakes association one step further by collaborating with both Olly and Eddie on various tracks. I recently saw him play yet another excellent show in The Netherlands and figured it was time to ask the man himself some questions about his career, his touring experience and of course Dynamite, which is out now. His answers are below:

‘Dynamite’ sounds very ambitious and bold in places, how was the process of making it? Is it in any way bigger or better than previous records? 

I think its the best thing i’ve done to date. it all happened fairly naturally in my home studio, with me making a few trips with a portable set up to other musicians house to record them. It felt way more relaxed and less intense process than any of the other records i have made.

In what ways is it influenced by Turin Brakes and your touring experience with them?

I think their professionalism really. They never do a bad show and always keep the standard very high.

What’s your fondest memory of touring with TB?

There were some great shows for me on that tour personally, but i think the maddest one where the whole venue / crowd and musicians became one was in Brighton, on the last night of the tour. it was a memorable send off to what had been a huge experience and learning curve for me.

Can you tell a little about the track ‘Bedlam’, which features Olly and singer/songwriter Tom McRae?

I had this song (Bedlam) which was just four verses with no notable chorus as such. I had in my head almost a chant kinda thing in which i could hear more voices singing the same vocal line as myself. I asked Olly Knights as I knew how strong his voice was and I had also gigged with Tom Mcrae the year before, of whom I have always loved his music. I asked both of them somewhat nervously at first and they both said yes! I’m really proud of that collaboration and to have worked with two singers that i had looked up to growing up.

Eddie Myer played bass on two tracks, what was it like working with him?

Eddie just has it doesn’t he? i think he even sleeps in time ;-) I saw him at a a Turin Brakes show early 2014 and we had a chat about my new record. He mentioned that if i wanted any Double bass on the record to let him know, which i very quickly did :-)

What are your favourite tracks on the album and why? 

I’m quite fond of the title track ‘Dynamite’ as after i had written this one, the others seemed to fall out of the sky so to speak. I like ‘The Tale of the Stardust’ and ‘Rise from the Dead’ too off that record.

Can you tell us a little about the graphic novel ‘Dynamite’ that is also written by you? Is it for sale yet and where can people buy it? How does it enrich the album?

After I had written the title track ‘Dynamite’ i noticed the chorus line almost sounded like i could be referencing a character from a book or film ( e.g. “We can’t go on living like Dynamite” ) . This got me thinking about one of my other loves , Comic books!

I had the insane idea of perhaps using the lyrics from the songs and embedding them into a Comic book of my own. I had no idea how to write a Comic, but i went on and wrote a load of ideas down. I brought in a co-writer ( Patrick Montgomery) and an Illustrator ( Shaun Speight ) to help me craft the whole thing.

It will be released in the early half of 2015.

How do you feel about comparisons to Cat Stevens and other artists? Are there any you feel are a good comparison?  And why?

I like the Cat Stevens comparison. I grew up listening to ‘Teaser and the firecat’ and ‘Tea for the Tillerman’ so i guess somewhere it has influenced me.

Kevin playing in Eindhoven in 2014

What music are you into at the moment? Any recommendations?

I keep going back in history to find music as opposed to music of the modern day if i am honest at the moment. Currently I am listening to Neil Young – After the Goldrush quite a bit.

What are your plans for the future? Where can fans see you next?

I have two shows left of 2014 – Saturday December 13th in Woodbridge Suffolk, and then a charity show, which Turin Brakes are playing at too 19th December 2 The Islington, London.

There will be a new single out early part of 2015 and many more shows next year too. keep an eye on my gig section at www.kevinpearcemusic.com

Kevin! Thank you very much for your time. ‘Dynamite’ is available from Kevin’s website and retailers like iTunes and Amazon. You can follow Kevin on Twitter and Facebook.


December 6, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

Full 2001 bootleg available for free download

Now here’s a nice surprise. Someone has shared a nice bootleg dating back from when Turin Brakes supported travis in 2001 in Copenhagen. Although in my gig history the Travis support tour was in November 2001, this gig is dated 24 May 2001. It is a real support gig though, and a nice one too!

It is a nice audience recording, which does feature some chatty people. Highlights include Feeling Oblivion – curiously with drums (the band commented on Twitter: “errr oblivion with drums…. We were clearly experimenting!”) and Jet Trail, a regular in the live set around that time (not released until 2005 on the Red Moon EP). The full set:

  1. Intro
  2. Instrumental Song
  3. Feeling Oblivion
  4. State of Things
  5. Slack
  6. The Door
  7. Jet Trail
  8. Mind over Money
  9. The Road
  10. Underdog (Save Me)
  11. 72

Check out Feeling Oblivion and the download (a RAR file which you can open with free software) here.

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