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October 20, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

“We’ve been big fans of whisky in the past but we’ve all had to stop being such big fans of it over the years! It has inspired lots of out of tune bad music at about 2am. But, thank God, nothing that got recorded!”

(says Olly)

Read the full interview with Manchester Evening News here.

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October 13, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

Four videos from W2 show in Den Bosch

So, here’s me recovering from two great nights and three amazing gigs. I will report back later with more audio, video and words. For now, enjoy these YouTube videos of the W2, Den Bosch gig last night. There’s four songs (although Red Moon is a short video due to the dancing I had to do afterwards ;))), two recorded by me and two recorded by the venue. So enjoy!

No Mercy


Underdog (Save Me)

Red Moon (clip)


October 11, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

#TBNL kicks off, follow the gigs online

So, the Dutch gigs are finally here! I’ll be using the Ether Site Twitter handle (@ethersite) to tweet live as stuff is going down. You can follow the hashtag #TBNL here. I’ll also be tweeting from my personal Twitter (@StefanMeeuws) with pictures and things like that. Those should pop up on the hashtag page and if you want to ask me questions you can ask me directly or via the hashtag. Let’s have a good time :).

Remix contest

October 10, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

Winners of ‘International’ Remix contest announced

AskAudioMag.com has announced the winners of the International Remix Contest. Fabio Martorana has won the first prize (a Telefunken M82 dynamic mic and 1 year online subscription to macprovideo.com) with a jazzy rhythm version of International.

Second prize (6 month subscription to macProVideo.com) goes to jookoo, who made a full-bodied version of the song, with an organ and several other instrumentals in the mix.

Third prize is for Fat Mavis, who made a remix that personally reminds of the stuff Fat Boy Slim used to make. It suits the song rather well, I say.

My personal favourite didn’t win a prize, unfortunately, but I’m sharing it here anyway:

You can listen to the other entries here.


October 8, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

Acoustic live performance of ‘Just A Thought’ by Hudson Taylor

Folkpopduo Hudson Taylor just uploaded an acoustic performance of Just A Thought, a song co-written by Turin Brakes. TB and Hudson Taylor performed the song live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in May this year. This performance doesn’t feature Turin Brakes, but it is the best version I’ve found on YouTube yet AND it has the lyrics in the description, so I thought it was worth a little post. The song is rumored to end up on Hudson Taylor’s upcoming debut album. But for now: Enjoy!

Remix contest

October 8, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

Listen to 35 ‘International’ remixes

Turin Brakes haven’t been remixed a lot in recent years, but the International remix is making up for lost time, with at least 35 entries in time for the deadline. The winner has yet to be announced, but that doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying some sick beats and weird effects on Soundcloud. For example, you could listen to the Harry Does remix, or the Dutch Attic remix. There’s even a fancy retro Autumnkat 80s Throwback Remix.

There’s plenty to enjoy. If you decide to go on this Remix Trip, please comment below which one you think should win! But be aware, you may find yourself humming International the rest of the day.

And once we find out who the actual winner is, you’ll read it here…

Guess You Heard

October 7, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

[Etherish] Month of Music Madness

I’ve dubbed October as my Month of Music Madness. But it got off to a rocky start. In hindsight, starting your October Music Month on 29 September is cheating anyway, but I was so excited about First Aid Kit that I ignored my body protesting for most of the night (and counted it as part of October as well). I had feeling less than well since the weekend before and despite a very busy Monday and Tuesday I tried to do it all anyway. I dragged myself to the First Aid Kit gig, hoping that the music would magically (madly) make me feel better. It did for a while – the gig was really excellent and I don’t regret going to it, but I had to leave before the encore to drag myself home, to a bed, and get a good night’s sleep. I wasn’t sure whether it was stress, a cold or something else but it didn’t feel good and I had resigned myself to calling in sick for work the next day.

Only, I felt better the next day and I saw out the week despite the initial symptoms of just feeling crappy evolving into a proper cold, which I’m nursing as we speak, over one week later. I’m hoping it will go away soon and I’ve been on a strict regime of early nights and mostly decent food hoping I’m recovered before the next stretch kicks off…

Because although I’ve been listening to some excellent new music lately (Jeff Tweedy’s Low Key song is very enjoyable, as is Erlend Øye’s brand-new Legao album, the next live portion of my month of music madness is this weekend when Turin Brakes come to town. Or more precisely: three towns. I’m going to Amsterdam on Saturday afternoon and from there I will go to both Amsterdam and Den Bosch gigs, and of course do the acoustic set in my hometown of Nijmegen on Sunday afternoon.

So that’s three gigs and it feels like a little adventure and excitement in the mundane everyday life. It might even sound crazy, or mad, to do the three gigs. But hey, I’m excited so don’t try to stop me ;). People have done crazier things in life, right? RIGHT?

The music month then continues on Tuesday – with the same Erlend Øye playing Amsterdam, Thomas Dybdahl coming to my hometown the week after. There’s another gig I’m going to on the 30th and then in November former Turin Brakes support act Kevin Pearce comes to The Netherlands, and there’s some interesting festivals happening in that month as well. So, well, you know… Plenty of music happening for sure.

I’m currently deciding what the weekend should look like online. W2 could/should be livestreaming the gig and there’ll be some tweets from the road for sure, but we’re thinking of doing a podcast in-between gigs and little videos maybe, if you’re all up for that, let me know in the comments or via Facebook or Twitter. Hashtag will be #TBNL – is that a good one?

Speaking of those social channels, Ether Site just hit 300 likes on Facebook, so thanks for all your support guys. To celebrate I made a little Turin Brakes Live Playlist on Spotify with frequently played live songs by the band. If you want to prepare for the upcoming gigs, or just want to listen to some classic Turin Brakes songs, I suggest you check it out :D.

Also, Brutal Bookings are giving away two pairs of tickets on Twitter and Facebook for the Den Bosch gig on Sunday night. So if you couldn’t afford to go to these shows, now you can… Maybe? Or you can drag two friends alone who will be amazed by the wonders of this awesome band.

Anyway, hopefully see you in Amsterdam, Nijmegen or Den Bosch. Come say Hi! if you like, or not if you don’t ;). It should be a great weekend even if the weather isn’t as Summer-y as it was only a couple of days ago.

Bedlam Kevin Pearce

October 2, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

Video: ‘Bedlam’ featuring Olly Knights

Kevin Pearce has premiered the lovely animated video of the track Bedlam, featuring the one and only Olly Knights and the amazing Tom McRae. It’s always been a dream of me to hear Turin Brakes and Tom McRae collaborating and this is as close as it gets for now. Kevin supported Turin Brakes on the We Were Here UK tour last year.

Bedlam is taken from Kevin Pearce’s upcoming album Dynamite, the title track (available from iTunes) currently gets played regularly on BBC Radio 2’s Janice Long show. As it happens, Turin Brakes bass legend Eddie Myer plays bass on Kevin’s new record so we’ll be covering some more of its release (on 3 November) soon.

Kevin is playing several dates across the UK and The Netherlands soon. Join him on Facebook for the latest.


September 7, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

[Etherish] Counting down to Dutch dates

Turin Brakes are playing The Netherlands in October, we’re little over a month away till they play shows in Amsterdam, Den Bosch and a recently confirmed afternoon show in Nijmegen. In this blog – and the various that may follow – I’ll preview this weekend of craziness. And it’s gonna be crazy. Because I’ve got friends that will call me crazy for doing three Turin Brakes shows in a 28-hour-window. But that’s what I’ll be attempting and I’ve got other friends coming along for the ride.

The signs are right for this one: it’s three gigs in two days, but unlike the two Dutch shows in the Dark on Fire era they don’t involve me traveling 500 kilometers to see the band. And while I did three gigs in 2010 Outbursts, those were spread out from Tuesday to Sunday, so it felt a little less intense than it could have been…. Less intense than this. And after that Saturday and Sunday I’ve taken the Monday off to recover. So yes: the signs are right!

So Saturday 11 October will take me to the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, for a gig in the People’s Place. It’s a venue I know very little about, but apparently it’s rather fancy. I doubt we’ll need to suit up, but it’s gonna be a classy affair. Here’s hoping for a great Saturday night.

Then Sunday morning will involve travelling as we’ll go back to my hometown, Nijmegen, to see the band play an afternoon acoustic set in a former monastry. The monastry’s more sixties than saint-like, I’d say – but that makes it all the more special for a gig location and I can’t wait to hear the classic songs in this most intimate of surroundings.

Sunday night sees the closing of the weekend with a proper gig in proper regular style music venue, no fanciness or monastries here. It’s an old cigarettes factory in Den Bosch, but it has been used as a music venue since 1987. The venue has recently been refurbished, so to speak with new dressing rooms, entrance and various other new parts. So there’s life in this old factory yet. And it’s walking distance from the train station and city centre.

As for song choices? There are some We Were Here songs I’d like to, ehm, hear. Inbetween is top of my list, followed by Part of the World, which is my favourite melancholic song on the record. I really, really want to hear this one live. And besides that, I’d say a healthy mix of We Were Here and older songs will be awesome. I’m hoping for some surprises, there’s so many songs that haven’t been played for ages (as far as I know), like Balham to Brooklyn or some non-singles from the Ether Song era. Or maybe something new/old/weird? I’m expecting a big part of the set to be like the We Were Here UK tour last year, but that’s totally OK because I still love these songs – a lot… :)

All three gigs can (and probably will) have their own unique style and version of Turin Brakes playing. I’ve got friends coming along to every gig, and hopefully I’ll be joined by many familiar faces from the past (Dutch) gigs. We’re thinking about taking a camera on the road and filming the whole weekend so we’ll have a document of this fun, probably crazy, intense 28 hours and can share the weekend from a fan’s perspective.

For now though, all I can do is wait. In little over a month the first gig will be upon us. The signs seem right for these gigs. I’ve went to TB gigs in the UK thinking “I’m gonna do one gig this time, and really get into it.” And I did that. But this time it’s gonna be even better. It’s gonna be a weekend. There’s gonna be ups and downs, trains missed and meeting mix-ups. jokes and obsessing over details. But it’s gonna be one hell of a weekend. And I can’t really wait till it’s here.

International (cover art)

September 5, 2014
by Stefan Meeuws

WIN a Telefunken Microphone by remixing ‘International’

AskVideo has released a series of videos about the creation of International, the song Turin Brakes wrote at SXSW this March. In 25 course videos you get taken through the process, from the writing to the mixing in Logic. It features the band, as can be witnessed in several of the preview videos, both talking about writing and doing the actual writing. Unfortunately, to view all these videos, you have to sign up for a paid membership for Ask Video.

Or you could try to win the remix contest, where you could WIN a Telefunken Microphone. The latest AskVideo SongCraft Remix Contest requires you to create a FREE account at AskAudioMag, download the stems, remix & submit your work before end of September 21st, 2014 on Soundcloud.

Then you could win either a funky Telefunken microphone or 6 or 3 months of access to AskVideo.

Apparently, Turin Brakes will pick the winning remix themselves, so that’s pretty awesome stuff for you there. GO REMIX!

We’ll keep an eye on whatever’s being uploaded if there are any nice ones, we’ll feature them here!