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New Horses Mouth + photos on TB.com

Gale posted a message on the official website and photos made during the EU tour have been added to the site.

A note from Gale…
We just got back from touring Germany and Italy , it felt like a real success. At most of the shows, many more people turned up than we were anticipating and playing in this slightly paired down way made us do things in a way we wouldnt normally do.The reaction from the people was a real boost, it can be great to hear people cheering in places in songs you’ve never heard them cheer before . Somehow, somewhere it feels as if the pressure has been taken off slightly and we can now do as we choose, even if that pressure was only coming from ourselves.There is certainly something to be said for wandering round with a limited tool kit , especially if you’ve become accustomed to a full workshop. Admittedly the weather somehow turned out bad even in Italy, leaving us living in a breaking down, leaking bus . In our limited spare time we visited many town centres and cathedrals ,not exactely bringing us closer to GOD but at least getting us further away from the bloody bus. There should be some photos of the tour up somewhere… Check out some Fionn Regan as he will be supporting us at the shows in the UK, you can hear some of his music on his site . Also have a look at Etown.org , they are broadcasting a radio show of TB as a 3 piece and a duet with Beth Orton , keep safe people, try and get as much light as possible xx

For the photos, go to the official website

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