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From the moment the UK autumn tour ends (6 november) untill the end of November I will improve the current version of this site. Major difference will be the optimalisation for 1024×768 resolution, instead of the current 800×600. Research has proven that only a few visitors still use 800×600 resolution. You will still be able to visit the site with 800×600 resolution ofcourse, but there might have to scroll from left to right a bit as well. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but it gives me more possibilities. I’ll try to keep the current version (800×600) online as well.

Also, in November I will be switchting to a new hosting provider who will provide me with better webhosting for less money. All current domains will be active, but you will be forwarded to a new domain. This will mean that most of the links have to be redirected. This might cause some inconvenience, when trying to download files, but if the current provider hosts my files till early December, so it shouldn’t cause too much trouble, because in December I hope to have succesfully moved already.

The new version of the site won’t be much different (besides being wider), but it will be bigger in content. More downloads, more pages, more possibilities. All of this will be revealed in the upcoming month.

I want to launch some extra news sections, including a German, French and Italian one, as Turin Brakes have the most fans in those countries. If you speak one of these, or another, language and you want to help with news translation etcetera, then please contact me by e-mailing to The more languages the better. It won’t take much of your time, maybe just a few minutes per day or per week. Do not hesitate to contact!

To conclude this all: if everything goes well, you won’t experience any inconvenience by the maintainance. You will still be able to visit the site, download music and read news updates. It’s just to inform you all. 🙂

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