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30 copies of The Door EP on sale soon

To celebrate the new relaunch of the Anvil website, Anvil Recordings are putting up for sale some praised stock from their retirement fund cupboard: 30 copies of The Door EP. The original 7″ release from July 1999 (the first on Anvil) was the debut recording by TURIN BRAKES and will be available by mail order direct from us at ?20 each on a strictly first come first served basis. We are putting these up for sale partly to fund the investment in our new website, not because we are cheeky & greedy bastards. This release has been known to fetch over $130 on ebay!!! So catch it while you can. ON SALE SOON

More info on The Door EP can be found in the discography section. This is a must have for every fan, a real collector’s item! Click here to visit the Anvil website and keep checking it till they go on sale!

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