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XFM played 2 tracks (Painkiller and Red Moon) and then O and G talked about various subjects, such as the backing band, Christmas no. 0, repackaging, the record industry, crazy frog & the official “poor” ringtones, I Am Kloot, Fionn Regan versus James Blunt, O&G wives, their gig being recorded tonight and being available in 24 hours, dressing rooms and personal messages to write on CDs.

There was no real news, some OK jokes.
Unfortunately the stream was acting weird and goes from quiet to LOUD to quiet to LOUD bits… But you can hear everything :). I did cut out the songs (just studio recordings).

Anyway, if anyone wants it, it’s here. This will probably not end up in the Ether Site download section, so get it while you can ;):

Click here
Scroll down that page, and click “free” then scroll down again and wait for the timer to finish, then click the link.

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