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Message from Olly on turin brakes.com

Today, Olly posted a message on the official website, saying thanks to the fans and to announce that they started writing for the next album, and that there are some shows planned in the recording progress. The full message reads as follows:


It’s been a while, the “stripped” tour was good wasn’t it…. I mean really, we came out of it with such a sense of direction and you seemed to really feel it in a way we’d forgotten was possible, ain’t no doubt if you take away the cellophane of safety s*** happens! We are now beginning to write for album 4, (holy moly!). We hope you dig the EP and Live record, It was good to release more stuff, the live LP was mixed as we played it by two nice men in a little silver box in the rain. At some point we will document whatever we are up to and put it here on this site. We feel like playing some shows during the writing season so keep an eye out for little suaree’s….

Read the message in it’s original context on Turin Brakes.com.

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