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Six new songs written!

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new sounds…..

We have written about 6 songs, we build beats and play them through our PA, G takes to the bass I grab the Gretch and songs come, other times I bring in a little egg on the mac laptop and together we hatch it like a glorious chicken. We sometimes email each other ideas back and fourth if it’s out of hours inspiration… Officially these are demos but its bloody hard to see it like that, we put everything into everything. I’m amazed that JackInABox was so recent yet this stuff feels like it’s from a new place, you dont think you’ve changed but the music shows you really have. We re-group with our band soon to get ready for the Clapham show and maybe a few little fun things, we’ll try out a few newbies. Ox Today I saw an add for a film that had been “digitally re-mastered beyond the original”!!!!??? Aghhhhhhhh

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

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