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Ether Site needs you!

Ether Site is looking for translators for the news section. So far Ether Site has been available in Dutch and English, but seeing as a lot of visitors are from countries like Germany, France, Italy etc, we want to provide them with a news section in their native language. Now, I have some knowledge of German and French, but nothing worth mentioning, let alone Spanish or Italian or Chinese. So if you’re mother language is NOT English, but a different language and you want to help (this won’t take long ofcourse), contact me now, by emailing to ethersite@gmail.com Do not forget to mention what language knowledge you have, ANY language is welcome. It won’t take long, just translate the e-mails I send (which won’t be very often), and e-mail that back. That’s all you have to do, but you can ofcourse do more. 🙂 When you have had enough, just let me know and you can quit any time. Unfortunately, as Ether Site -ofcourse- does not make any profit, I can’t pay you for this but ofcourse your name will be mentioned on the site. Is that worth something too? E-mail me if you’re interested!

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