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Words from the Horses Mouth: Demos and Discs

It’s been a while, but finally some news straight from the horses mouth on the official site!

greets; Were still here, we’ve been at it since Christmas and are completing our 20th “Demo”. Were gonna take a short break in august with a view to recording in september probably some where fancy. Were also looking into the possibility of a special little gig mid to late july probably in Nodnol but we have to gather the troops first before we can confirm. Our studio looks like a machine work shop but it’s brilliant here, what a dream, all our toys exploding everywhere. At this stage it’s feeling like we have nothing to lose and we keep surprising our selves, we have a little collection of secrets, We sure hope we get this right.PS if you want some comedy check us out on monday night, Ren and Stimpy and friend z
{Tiny} {Little} {Plans} {Turning} {Into Towers,} {Crushed against the sun}

(for those not too bright ones – like me: nodnol = london backwards)
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