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Nine new songs at rocking Half Moon gig

Turin Brakes played a one-off, sold out, special gig in London last Friday (21st July). They premiered no less than 9 new songs (with Olly mentioning that there are about 20 new songs in total). Forum fans described this gig as being “rocky”, “hot” (also the weather), “raw” and “dirty”. The boys played, despite the heat, for almost 2 hours. New songs included:
Brave New World, Real life, Last Chance, ByePod, Ghost, Loopa, Everready, Otherside, Something In My Eye, “Capsual” (not sure wether this was actually played, but it was on the setlist). Email / post your views on the gig / new stuff to ethersite@gmail.com or in the comments of this post (click on “comments”). Reviews from fans can also be found here, photos are here.

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