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New: The Turin Brakes Audio Player

This feature was supposed to be included in a newer version of Ether Site, but since those plans have been delayed somewhat till later this year, maybe early 2007 even, depending on when Olly and Gale are releasing their newest magic upon us, I decided to share this with all of you. Looking at the top of Ether Site you will see an image which allows you to vote for this site (hey, while we’re speaking, you could ofcourse do that!), but below that is something written saying “Launch the Turin Brakes audioplayer”, and that’s exactly what it does. When clicking on it a new window will open with the Turin Brakes audio player! In this audio player you find several highlights from Turin Brakes career. The tracklist is currently as follows:

Ether Song
Love Is All You Deserve
Come and Go
Everybody Knows
State of Things

So if you’re at work and don’t have TB with you, but you still want to listen, just click on it to listen to Turin Brakes. Or add this link to your favorites in stead:

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