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MySpace message from the boys

Olly and Gale wrote a message on the new myspace profile on November the 1st. Apparently this is the new Horses Mouth… Not sure whether that’s a good thing… Anyway, the message is:

hello, tzstttpt , hello,… is there anyone there? I think we’re here, I think we’ve finally arrived at Myspace. Hoorar!

Well, hello, we’re currently sitting in our cave like studio demo-ing a new track . We’re gonna put it on top of the big pile of songs in the corner. Its a beatuiful track full of strings and harmonies and not much else. We’re playing the waiting game , waiting for lunch, waiting for sunset, waiting for our favourite producer to turn up and guide us , gently to a finished, complete new cassette.
We’ve demo-ed quite a lot of tracks, some of which we’ll be playing(learning) on the upcoming tour. Its gone from garage rock to 80’s jazz ensemble to space folk and back and we still feel it could only be the begining.
The live band have assured us that they’ll chip in a bit and write some stuff on here in case we dissappear to do something, so please dont hold us responsible for their bigoted, infantile and mildly abusive views.

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