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Message from Rob on Myspace

Rob Allum has taken som eof his precious time to write a message on the TB Myspace profile.

Rehearsals for the upcoming shows are currently going fairly well at TBHQ…. Well, the sitting around drinking tea and watching people go through dusty boxes of merchandise is going pretty well. And chicken kebabs. Fastidious management official James has unearthed some unlikely merch from the depths of recent history including The Murderer v Mind Over Money vinyl single (our old play-on music from ages ago) and some more vinyl copies of the Red Moon EP too…both fairly collectable…maybe? You better buy some of this stuff otherwise J’s brave scaling of the mountain of flight cases in the lock-up will all be in vain…. It was quite a feat I can assure you! We’re gonna be playing plenty of new tunes every night I should think. We got at least 5 more new ones rehearsed up since the Half Moon show if anyone happened to see that one? So we got plenty of new ones to rotate in the set and if anyone comes to more than one show hopefully they’ll get to hear a bunch of different newbies. Hope you’re looking forward to it? We’re loving playing the new stuff..hope everyone enjoys it as much?! Plenty of old faves too so don’t worry! Anyway, gotta go now cos I have to get up bright and early to make the first round of tea in the morning…


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