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Gloucester Guildhall enjoys new songs

Last night Gloucester Guildhall were also treated to some newbies by Turin Brakes, with new songs being, apart from “old” newbies Ghost, Brave New World, Last Chance, Byepod and Other Side, Dark On Fire, Timewaster and Stalker. On the official forum, Amber described Dark On Fire as extra-ordinary: A dark spooky seductive track with spine-tingling harmonies and Ed playing his skinny double bass with a bow. Very atmospheric.

Olly left another message on Turin Brakes.com, entitled Gloucester Grooves:
Holy crap what a difference a day makes! We chopped up the set a bit for Gloucester and it all seemed to flow for us, added Otherside and Timewaster and Joe Gallacher did a state of things verse with his giant Scottish voice raining down from above! The great thing about these shows is its opening things up,
We will take all the positive energy and use it in the studio, a lovely show for us and you too it seemed? thanks Gloucester O xXx

Were you there? Share your views, email to ethersite@gmail.com now! Serene sent her view on the Warwick date on Sunday. Read it in the Shared Stories section.

The November tour continues tomorrow night (Wednesday) in Bournemouth in a sold-out Consortium.

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