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Update from Rob

Rob, our favourite drummer, is flooding the Myspace with messages… Here’s the latest one, looking back on the first two dates:

This tour..

Oooh yeah, This tour is on!! Hello. Gotta say this tour just gets better and better…and we’ve only done 2 shows so far! I think we should give praise and thanks for all folks coming out to see us and encouraging us with generous applause… Thanks! We’ve been tinkering with the set a lot and probably won’t stop tinkering til it’s all over but hey, everyone likes a unique show right? Ya think? Really pleased when the new ones go down well too. Last night our support act, the exuberant and highly talented Scottish dude Joe Gallacher joined us on stage and took the second verse of State Of Things while we all looked on in realisation of the fact that Joe probably doesn’t need a PA system to be heard in most venues! What fun it all is…and we get to do it all over again tomorrow! Anyone got any bootlegs yet?>

So, anyone GOT any bootlegs yet? I know the perfect place to host them: ethersite@gmail.com!

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