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Continuing at Consortium

Wednesdaynight saw the Bournemouth gig, which had basically the same set the previous gigs. Here’s what Olly had to say about it:

Bournemouth was in a little club where us and the fans were almost on top of each other! Thrilling and nerve racking for me, had a little panic half way through the set DUE to sheer intensity and had to calm myself down, sing a little less breath a little more.The crowd were brilliant, like a mini festival with girls on shoulders and boys pogoing! We swapped out brave new world with real life, but stuck closely to the previous set, an intense but highly enjoyable affair, nice one Bournemouth, O xxx

Shazia wrote a nice personal experience on the official forum. Read it! Last night saw the tour continue at the Sugarmill in Stoke, more about that later. Tonight the tour stops in York @ Fibbers. Let us know how it was!

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