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As you may have noticed, you will now see ads on Ether Site. This is not because I want to become rich or because I’m greedy, but because of the ever growing traffic load on this site. I’ve always run this site at a loss and I won’t quit if I have to continue too, but if I can get the costs back, then that would be great. The costs aren’t that huge yet, but traffic has doubled over the last year (a year with Turin Brakes being quite low-profile, except for the current tour), and if this continues this way, the costs will become higher.

The google ads are a way to try to earn a bit back of these costs. I try to keep them small and not too shocking. As soon as I’ve raised enough money I’ll remove the ads again.

If you wish to support Ether Site, try to shop at by going to the main Ether Site (if you’re reading this in the news archive) and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the amazon logo of your choice. This can also be done in the discography. Ofcourse, all money raised by selling T-shirts in the shop will go straightly into Ether SIte as well as money donated via the donate button in the right top corner. The latest option is clicking the google ads.

Thank you.

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