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Gale writes MySpace message

It doesn’t share any new info, but Gale wrote a message to thank the fans for the recent tour dates on the MySpace profile.

So the last show gown and that tour blown! Back at home now, off our wheeled submarine, spat out onto the side of the road to make our own way home amd keep our own selves busy! The last night in Leiscester’s Charlotte involved a lot of heat and a lot of posing on monitors , and another makeshift blues jam which involved Rob singing “Run to The Hills” during his ‘drum solo’ . Fun fun fun.
The whole tour was really a lot of fun, the new stuff went down well, so did the old stuff. It was a bit of a lifeline , you can spend so long working on(and around) new stuff away from an audience that you can forget that they’re there. It can start to feel like its all a dream thats gone away. We were just at that point of crying over old photographs when we found ourselves in front of the audience at Warwick and Bang! We’re Alive.!!
So thanks to everyone for coming out and for all the people who helped us get out. If you liked Joe Gallacher let him know with your computer devices. We got studio dates booked in for Jan , with a producer whose work we liked very much. Go and buy the SECOND Ray Lamontagne album, Till The Sun Turns Black, its beautiful, not pop. (It is available but never really mentioned for some reason. ) See ya! G

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