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TB record videos for new music tutorial site

In a new horses mouth on the official website, Olly talked about their latest day in studio:

At TBHQ Yesterday we spent 7 hours @ TB HQ going through all the guitar parts for Underdog, PainKiller, Fishing 4 A dream and Long Distance for this new web extravaganza called Play It Now which is like a music tutorial site where you can learn the parts of songs from the actual songwriters! I don’t think it’s been launched yet. Anyhow it was pretty grueling with G and I trying to explain exactly what’s going on to a bunch of blokes with lights and video cameras, surprisingly difficult but quite funny and educational? Only 1 month now till were in the studio with Ethan…. Oh My.

The website has indeed not launched yet but let’s hope it comes soon.
And if it doesn’t, maybe the could release it on DVD?

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