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Support Landmine victims now, click the ads!

Dutch radio channel 3FM and Belgian radio channel Stubru are collecting money for the Red Cross to support victims of land mines with the yearly ” Serious Request” campaign. By that they are not eating for 6 days and sleeping and presenting radio from a house of glass in Leuven (Be) and Utrecht (Neth). Listeners pay money to hear their favourite songs on the radio. Last year they collected over 2 million euros (more than 1.3 million pounds / 2.6 million US$), which was over 1 million euros donated by listeners and companies, and that money doubled by the Dutch government.

Ether Site supports this action (just like last year) and has decided to donate all money earnt through the google ads so far (they have been on the site since half November and were originally there to pay for hosting) to this charity event and request a Turin Brakes song on the Dutch radiostation 3FM. So far the ads have brought up US$ 17.37, and every click by a visitor on the google ads will add more money to that total… All clicks by users before Saturday 11.00 AM (GMT) will count. At 12.00AM (GMT) I will donate the total money collected and request the Turin Brakes Song of the Year 2005, Long Distance!

You can find google ads to click on the homepage here under the first two or three news items, and you will find ads on every other page (except the news archive) at the very bottom of the page (below the amazon links). The more clicks the better. The system works with cookies, so if you click a few times today, tomorrow your clicks won’t count, unless you use a different computer.

If you wish to give money yourself you can donate via the button at the top of the page.
Or go straight to and donate money there (but that site is in Dutch).

Read more about landmines here:
Read more about Dutch radiostation 3FM here:

Please consider clicking the ads or donating money! It’s almost Christmas, after all! It doesn’t take long and you can do it everyday if you like… Questions:
The amount of money donated will be announced on Saturday afternoon here!

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