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Ether Site wishes you a very merry Christmas

I would like to use this moment to wish all of you a very merry christmas. The past year was a quiet one for Turin Brakes, but still Ether Site managed to get twice as much visitors per month in the second half. The stories, the people, it’s the reason why I do this. Thank you all for visiting this website. I hope to be able to continue the daily news service all the way through 2007. Let’s cross our fingers for the new Turin Brakes album, then!

2007 will bring more downloads, more photos, more indepth articles… And ofcourse the results of the Ether Site song of the year 2006 selection. It’s not too late yet, to send your top 6 if you haven’t already done so. Send it before 31st of December to ethersite@gmail.com. Include your name and country (and age) and maybe you win a DVD full of Turin Brakes bootlegs and sessions, photos, videos and rarities… Including this:

Hear Turin Brakes wish you a Merry Christmas

Thank you all. You were great once again.


P.s.: head over to the official site for a Christmas message from Gale, including the news that he will soon be a father (just like Olly) and some comments on the recent controversy on guitar tab websites.

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