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Fox cancels The O.C.

No more new music in the background on your one time favourite teen drama series: Fox quits with The O.C.:

The show will air its series finale Feb. 22 on Fox, putting an end to the once massively popular teen drama. It lasted four seasons, but ratings began to slip once Mischa Barton’s character Marissa Cooper died in an automotive accident in an August episode. So low, in fact, that the network that’s a happy home for shows like Nannie 911 and American Dad, is calling it quits.

While the kitschy drama defined the series, it also became known for showcasing indie-world bands. Acts such as Spoon, Turin Brakes, Of Montreal and The Subways made it onto primetime airwaves as the show’s background music. The O.C.’s music-world heft wasn’t limited to Fox broadcasts: Five Music from The O.C. compilations hit music stores over the show’s brief run.

Turin Brakes were featured twice on the program with Self Help and Rain City. The latter was featured on The O.C. – Mix 1.


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