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Recording: Day One

Day one of the recording progress of the next Turin Brakes album is done… Olly Knights of Turin Brakes reports as follows:

I write this just before I go to sleep after a really tough 1st day. The studio is really “out there” compared to anything we’ve been in before, basically a massive room full of gear and no “isolation” between the control room and Live room! The idea is to have a totally natural feel to the session with no red lights or seperation but we ended up making a little room for me out of foam boards as the sound was so chaotic, by the end of the day we had started to get somewhere…. Ethan is really cool and the boys all like him, very early days but we have never been so relaxed and ready to make a record. Stay tuned……

Stay tuned to the Horses Mouth for more… Also, later today follows the results of the Song Of The Year election… Stay tuned for that here…

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