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More Recording Updates

Some updates from the front… First up Olly about the second day….

Day two was getting down to business. We have a sound, we have a vibe, we have lots of material and it’s bloody scary to actually “commit” after all this time with the demos but Ethan sure seems to know how to put things onto tape and were enjoying recording as a band. The only other times we have done it fully live all together was for Lasso and Jet Trail! Today we got a solid foundation to an acousticesque song truly filmed in …..C I N E M A S C O P E…. It will be tinkered with more later, tomorrow we will get the basics of something else and so on and so on until we know where the hell we are I guess, G fancied a rocker tomorrow so that will be fun. I keep going through waves of elation followed by fear and doubt, however I know from past experience this is usually a good sign, ha! Funny old game….
PS check out Robs blogs on his spyspace site, it will probably be a nice angle on shit….

Rob’s personal Myspace profile has two blogs entries about the recording progress as well:

We started recording sessions yesterday for TB4! We all gathered together in a studio near Tower Bridge (you know, the one the Americans thought they were buying) with the charming Mr Ethan Johns at the production helm, in the hope that we can make a record that touches peoples souls. The studio itself is one enormous room..kinda like a massive garage where you might keep your Ferrari collection, only with less oil pools on the floor and more recording equipment! Most of yesterday was spent getting to know Ethan and working on setting up the gear and finding recording methods/sounds. A decent start I think and we put down one track just before leaving to see where we were at sound-wise….I don’t want to name the tunes because I think in some way I might jinx them so I won’t..but it’s a bit of an epic.

and finally, also from Rob himself:

recordings 2

If anyone has any questions re the TB sessions: Ask Me, Ask Me, Ask Me….. I’ll try to answer but as I said I don’t wanna name individual tracks, but I shall nickname them! I’ll call this first one ‘Gemini’.

Enough to speculate about I guess…. And there’s more tomorrow…!

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