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Turin Brakes in Studio Day #3

Yesterday was the third day Turin Brakes are in the studio with Ethan Johns, recording Album No. 4. And once again there is an update available on the official today.

Just a quicky, long day but a good one. We did 16 takes of a rockin’ wide-screen track, went through many different feels for it and eventually found somewhere really good, we all joked that it stank of success (whatever the hell that is) Then we went to the pub with Ethan and had a little session, left hugging each other and talking about how happy we all were to be working together, beer must be responsible for many a galvanized campaign,
really starting to buzz now
PS check out G’s phone vid on our myspace!

The video Olly is talking about has the band looking freaky while Olly is rocking. There’s also another video with Olly playing songs… The videos can be seen by going to the Myspace Profile and click on videos under the photo of the band in the left corner. There are 8 other videos as well, some of the demo recording October and some artistic ones.

Same time tomorrow, then?

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