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Update from the front: End of Week 1

The first week of recording is done. Next week more recording fun, then a few weeks break and the 2nd recording sessions. Read what Olly has to say…


The end of a long week… We have 6 songs done. It’s been pretty bloomin’ cool. Getting them down live is true freedom and Ethan is really good at making us all feel really comfortable. We have been turning up in the morning and just playing the songs we all feel like, once we get close we analize them in macro focus and usually go back and do about 3 more takes, one of these is usually “the one”. We have one more week at this studio, then it’s a break for some weeks before the grand 2nd session commences! I’m so enjoying the full band at the mo, 7 years of hard work is beginning to pay off…..

We will continue updating when we can…

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