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Updates from the front: Day 7

Day 7 in studio, and another update is here my friends… Did you know the new Turin Brakes album is going to sound like… Fleetwood Mac :)? Read on, but beware! Olly says…

yozerz;Tackled two more toons today one of em’ sounds like a rocked out dub tune and the other sounds like fleetwood mac’s evil and slightly rougher offspring! Hows that for eclecticism? (I’m sure the FWM comparison will freak some peeps out but stick with us on this; ) I’ve been enjoying reading Robby’s blog/answer thingys, what a dude aye. I’m happy to say were all still enjoying ourselves, Tally Bo

Speaking of Robby (Rob)… He wrote another entry for his Myspace blog as well… And you can read it here, even:

beep beep beep in my ear…
Current mood: quixotic

Hello, No it’s not tinnitus…although I think that’s only a matter of time. It’s because I put my little digital metronome up to my ear to check the tempo of the tune we were about to start working on today. I wanted to play along for a few moments so I stuck it between my headphones and my left ear (the only time I’ve ever tried this) and started grooving along when my friend Mr Knights decided to count the song in….so I spent the entire take with this loud unrelenting electronic bleep bleep bleeping in my frikkin’ ear! And the funny thing is, after doing about seven different versions, it is this first bleeping take that is deemed to be “the one”!

I’m calling this tune ‘The Spirit of 1776’

And my hearty congratulations to England who have finally won a match in Australia……..against New Zealand!


See you tomorrow, for more updates on Turin Brakes’ album 4!

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