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Updates from the front: Day 9

Today’s the final day in recording studios for Turin Brakes, so let’s read about yesterday, shall we? From the official site:

A tough but rewarding day, everyone has that slightly jaded look now coz we have all been beaten up by sound. We tackled a massive jam of a tune and it was hard to tie it down, like trying to hold down a space shuttle on take off with everyone running away with it and Robby trying to anchor us down. Any way it seemed we had it tamed by the end of the day and it sounded like nothing we’ve ever done before… Last day tomorrow, one more song on the list, then a drink I feel 😉

And Rob has some questions for you on his myspace:

Good evening, I was wondering (just for my own interest, nothing more)after reading a few messages and posts on the forum etc, what some of the hardcore TB massive will end up thinking of the new tunes when they come out? You see, we played a load of the tunes on the last tour and I was wondering what peoples memories do to the songs in the interim? They may vary slightly from the live arrangements in the recording but essentially the song remains the same. Do you think some songs are built up in the mind and then there could be dissappointment when they don’t sound how they were remembered? I find it really exhilerating (is that the right spelling?) watching live music and sometimes I’m dissappointed when I search out the record and it doesn’t give me the same buzz. A recent example was when I found myself really enjoying (in a kind of bereft of love totalitarian welding rally style) the ridiculously over the top pyromaniacal German industrial metal band Rammstein! When I checked out the records some time later it was just plain dull in comparison. Not quite the same as seeing TB I know (the closest thing to pyro you ever get on stage with us is when the red lights start to scorch my pitiful scalp!), but you know what I mean… the songs just didn’t effect me the same way on record?

p.s. More lunch/dinner recipies please…superb!

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