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TB Recording sessions over

On our last day at the studio we recorded the final song on our to do list. It was one of those tunes no one was 100% sure of so it got left till the end but actually it came out really shimmering with broken beauty so that left us all feeling bright as we packed up the gear. It will now be a baby break for 3 – 4 weeks (depending on the moon, the wind and other factors) I will do up my house with my dad, G will be getting ready for a very important delivery from mother nature, Little Phil will make long distance phone calls to LA, Ed will simply return to his idillic Brightonian existence and Rob will now be wrapped in cellophane and put back in his “special box” until we need him again. It’s been a superb couple of weeks for us with lots of material committed to tape and the digital. We have decided to move studios for the next session, into a studio with a great control room so we can really hear where we are and where wand where we need to go…. Until then then

Ofcourse now the boys are out of studio, it doesn’t mean I’m packing in as well! I will continue updating the site, bringing you more news updates when I know (so do email to news@turinbrakes.nl if you do!) and I will add fresh content to the site in the upcoming weeks.

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