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Phil M. updates the MySpace

Phil Marten, responsible for the keyboard / piano parts in Turin Brakes, has updated the official MySpace page. Here’s the message:

Just a quick note to let you know that I have updated the MySpace player with a couple of different tunes, Rain City from Ether Song and They Can’t Buy The Sunshine from Live At The Palladium. If anyone has got any photos of us all on stage at the Palladium then please let us know as we’d like a good photo to put up next to the track on the player. We’re planning to change some of the tracks on the player quite regularly (or when we remember..), dusting down a few b-sides, album tracks and maybe the odd demo. After many many messages on the subject we have changed the thingy that let’s you add a tune to a profile, so now you can.

We’re all looking forward to returning to the studio in a couple of weeks to finish off the new album. So far it’s sounding great and we’re all buzzing with excitement like kids at Christmas..

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