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Back in studio on Monday

Turin Brakes are going back in studio tomorrow:

Well the baby brake (see what I did;) Is now almost over and it’s back into a new studio on monday to complete the new LP with Mr Ethan Johns. Instead of getting home at night and collapsing into a nervous heap of human treacle only to then remember to write some kind of update I think I will write a little less often, perhaps one or two a week in the hope I will be a tad more lucid, you can also check out the myspace sites of TB and Mr Allum (although he may not be around as much due to pretty much nailing all his parts in the 1st session) Also check out Ethersite (on the Links page) as it seems Stephan (the man responsible) has secret cameras and spies covering every thing we have ever done (i’m pretty sure he doesn’t have access to our subconscious yet but I do find myself laughing out of context occasionally which could be a sign)
I will now de-materialize into a form of semi intelligent gas until they call me for my vocal,
-another Petron Tequila please bar tender, forwards to victory

Thanks for plugging Ether Site. And no, I have yet to gain full control over their lives, but at this moment I’m the highest bidder on Ebay for a device that will let me. All I can say now is that they’re all really craving for cake… YES! CAKE! YOU WANT CAKE! CAKE!

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