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Updates from the front: Week 3

Olly wrote a horses mouth on the official site yesterday, summarizing week 3.

End of week three
Well it’s saturday and I’m catching my breath after a seriously intense week. We have been sifting through the many many live takes from the 1st session and editing the best parts together to make “uber” takes which we will then work on top of. It’s taking me back to my days at film school, sitting in a dark room for hours, working at macro focus levels. The world goes on without you and you come out after a week with a beard and agoraphobia. Stuff is sounding beautiful and dark at the moment, Ethan continues to astound us with his ability to commit sounds to tape, it’s invisible magic I tell ya! We had a lot of fun on wednesday night when the Kings Of Leon turned up to record an AOL session upstairs from us, Ethan took us by the hand and introduced us all and then we hung around and got truly blown away by their session! Their new songs are a massive progression and we concluded that they were even better than we thought they were and that we really should go out and by some cooler shoes.
Yesterday I got to play Ethan’s electric teardrop guitar on a fierce new song which was great and we did some percussion overdubs to break up the editing process a bit, once we have all the foundations fully set Little Phil will be joining us for some piano and keyboard journeys, We will click some pics, eat some chips, fall to bits…

Sounds like some good work is being done there… More about the Ethan Johns and Turin Brakes meeting Kings of Leon.

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