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Two new blogs in one day

Now two updates from the studio front on the same day… Hurrah to that. About time too!

eine klein studio musik
Thanks for the photo replies by the way

So we are still beavering away in our glamourous dungeon. Things are really taking shape. We had a listen through to all the stuff yesterday with Rob MacAlluminum and it was very good to gauge where we are. I was surprised at how far we’d come. Each track has been dripped through a tie-die gauze and has made a steamy multicoloured chinese mug of tea. In realiy that means we’re listening over and over to the same tune with the music being broken only by Ethan saying ” is there anything coming through on track 16?”. The tunes are sounding like a piece of work from the same time, mostly it sounds like a five peice band playing together with harmonies. Maybe a bit like early U2 ? Some of its pretty edgy, but good edgy , we’re definatley onto something .

Stop Press! Hendrix Drummer Re-Mixes Track!!!

Well, well. Mitch Mitchell has just walked into our little room whilst we almost had our first complete mixed track. You may have heard of Mitch for being The amazing Drummer from Jimi Hendrix Experience. I think he was just having a quick look around the place, reminescing etc. when he grabbed hold of some faders on the old EMI mixing console ,re-set them, tweaked some knobs, adjusted a few EQ’s ,coo-ing in memory before Ethan could jump in to let him know we were currently using the same console on our delicately balanced new mix. Luckily, we have a young german boy here to watch out for fiddling rock gods who had noted the original set up of the desk so not everything was lost. Its funny who you bump into in these places. We heard Kylie was in the building yesterday, she could come and twiddle some nobs !! Ha hA ha h aaha ha

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