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Mixing in Progress

So, week 5 is over… And it seems like things are going the right way… Rob posted a message on the TB Myspace, check it out here in its original context, or read on here…

The Tunes, The Process, The Lunch.

Evening All,

Well now, what a lot of good songs I had the pleasure of listening to the other day over in deepest west london (where the old money and the stripey shirts rule). Being an east londoner I packed my passport and a packet of kendal mint cake (just in case) and braved the crosstown mayhem to go and hang out with the lads in the studio for a bit……. I’m glad I took my passport because our producer Mr J was about to take us all on a trip around planet TB4! Superb.. I thought we’d be sitting around editing little bits of tape most of the day or considering the “EQ on the bottom end” or something but Eth just said hey, lets listen to all the tunes we’ve done up to now and see where we’re at. It was brilliant! I’d barely listened to the tunes since we finished the sessions at the pool room and it was a big sonic leap what I was hearing through the shiny black speakers at the new place. Ethan has really worked the magic with the vintage EMI desk and with his canny editing/comping skills (comping is compiling a final track from several takes). Essentially it’s still sounding pretty much an honest account of what happened in the pool room sessions but with all the added sparkle of the ancient circuitry and the masterly pruning and cunning censorship of a producer who is very much a musician. There’s a lot of really good songs there already and a couple more to go down yet so it’s going to be quite hard to figure out what goes on the final cut? I’m glad it’s not my responsibility! It’d be heart-breaking.. like going to the home for lost kittens and trying to pick which of the lovelies you wanna take home the most while you look at all the little sad faces as you walk away…..

I hope it’s not too frustrating reading all this stuff about the new album, especially as there’s always that interminable wait for it to be released, but I just wanted to let everyone know that it’s real, it’s got integrity and it’s coming!

Now, what about that lunch….?


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