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Olly writes down his thoughts

The official site catches up with a dairy entry by Olly, available in the Horses Mouth Section:

It’s been a while I know, I’ve been so excited by the sound of things that I diddn’t want to jinx them by banging on and on about how great it’s all gonna be. It’s 3 weeks into this session and the petals are forming just in time for the spring. You get used to the new sounds and often only really “hear” them when your playing back to friends, people’s reactions have been pretty amazing, lots of comments about how alive it sounds and also how serious and purpose full it all feels, I’m certainly noticing alot of things in it that we have never really approached before, there is a real feeling of the just frickin’ go for it mentality rather than being overly worried about the past or how things will be recieved. At this very moment I’m listening to a piano take by Little Phil that is just huge on a song that is also rather huge without being overly layered, has a touch of Dark side era Floyd about it, wide-screen melancholy. Rob came round for some free food last week and we gave him a playback which was really good as it showed us where the hell we were, G has just delivered fresh cofee and curly wurly’s so I guess it’s time to go, talk soon

More updates on Turin Brakes recording progress when we have them…

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