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New TB album almost done… features real strings!

The fourth Turin Brakes album, released this fall, will feature actual strings, says a new blog entry on the Turin Brakes Myspace. This is in fact a Turin Brakes first! Yes, there’s a violin on Feeling Oblivion and The Road, but not an actual strings section. The day will be filmed, according to the same Myspace blog. Here’s the full story, which also reveals they’re in the final stages of mixing, being in a boyband and putting things to an end.

another day another track another heart attack

uh-oh. We’re entering stage’final’ here in our paradise dungeon. Finishing things, mixing them. Its slightly scary, when things are finished you cant touch them, you just gotta hope that you’re getting the message across to the people outside your head. Its also time to start worrying about what happens to these songs once they’re released into the world to fend for themselves, if only we could tweak the world the same way we tweak a bass drum. That and sleepless nights rolling around with fragmented parts of the song you’ve been working on all day, swooping backwards and sideways through your head, and “really shouldnt the guitar be a lot louder?” “turn the bass up”,”play the old stuff” . sometimes i wish I was singing in a boyband, or a young indie band getting smashed and letting someone else worry about it all, just tell me when to turn up and play, I’m a bloody genius.
We’re getting somewhere though, no need for concern. We’re going to do a day with some real strings too, its very rare for us and very exciting. We’re planing to film it somehow. hopefully we’ll get a printed score to take home and frame to impress my dad, he likes real music! It was fun arranging the string part with Ethan with the idea that it’d get played by real people.
We’ve been putting up the odd video and pic so,although i’ve photographed this room from every angle i can think of, keep looking . I havent seen Olly for a while, he spends most of his time in a nice little sauna round the corner , Chariots i think, relaxing he says, good for the vocal chords. Anyway, best of luck to you all, whatever you’re doing, till next time

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