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2 more days to go

The studio time is coming to an end… This Friday seventeen (17) diverse songs should be ready to be released. Then it’s just compiling the album, mastering it, cover art, promotion, hazzle, summer holidays, delays… And then… Maybe in September already, we will see a new Turin Brakes album… Read the latest blog update here:

One Extreme To Another
The sands of time are fast running out on our session here in El Dungeon. 2 and a half days to go. we’ll prooooobably finish on time. We’ve been going from one extreme to another. Yesterday we had the pleasure of a sextet (cor!)turning up to play on a song of universal importance. It was only our second experience with strings and only our first at doing it correctly. A very well turned out Ethan Johns ( kingsofleonRyanadamsRaylamontagne) conducted about £10million worth of wood and cat gut to deliver pastoral heaven to our little ditty. We was well appy. It all happened without a fuss. We learnt from the experience ; next time we do strings, present a tidy score, dress well, talk posh. There should be a picture of it , have a look.
Well, then today we’re putting infinite vocal delays over a bluesy rock out called Loopa. By the end it sounds like a very very drunk street fight in Portsmouth town centre on a friday night that the police have lost control of and are just letting take its course.
There should be about 17 finished tracks when we leave on friday night, the ones we select could potentially make quite different listening experiences and define quite different futures for us, we must think carefully. Ethan johns ( kingsofleonryanadamsraylamontagne)says it is ‘ f***ing great ‘ and we have a lot of faith in him. Have been locking horns with olly a bit on small things like level of the bass and amount of delays , but he’s been quite good at getting himself here at least for an hour or so before falling fast asleep, I think he’s been caning it a bit again

The band is currently listening to the new Kings of Leon album, according to the Myspace blog… (it’s not fair! it’s not even out yet!

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