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Recording process done

The official site posted an update yesterday… The recording of Turin Brakes Album 4 is now really finished. The album will be mastered in a couple of weeks and then we have to pay attention to the schedules to see when the album will hit the stores (and when the gigs promoting it will take place) – probably around September. Here’s the full message…

On friday we finished, we played back a selection of songs and felt very proud, it’s been quite a journey both artistically and sonically. We now have the terrifying task of cutting out the fat…. Trouble is one mans fat is another mans crispy bacon rind. Trying to describe it all is a bit of a challenge but on reflection we have moments of genuine progression (by that I mean it’s come naturally due to some ambitious ideas rather than for progressions sake) And other moments of distilled TB’izm…. It is a dark beast at times! As to weather it’s any good well that will soon be up to you I guess, I know what I think….;)

Working with Ethan has been superb, he is an amazing bloke and we are all good pals now, it’s such an honour whenever someone feels as close to the music as we do, I saw him moved to tears on a few occasions. Most of the time though we have been laughing our asses off, we bought Mo (our German assistant) a present who was amazingly good at being virtually invisible yet totally ON IT at all times, we would have all been lost without him.
We will be mastering the final record in a few weeks, let the circus begin.

Everyone on a photo
From left to right, in the back: Gale, Rob, Mo, Little Phil
From left to right, in the front: Eddy, Ethan (Johns), Olly Knights

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