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Myspace blog: fame, fortune , etc , etc etc

Gale posted a blog on the Myspace profile, covering the same info as Olly did in his Horses Mouth, but still, it’s nice to read it from a different perspective…

Fame, fortune , etc , etc etc
We seem to have finished our new Album! We played it to some hard working folks at the record company on Friday, hard to say but I’m pretty sure thay liked it. I’ve had a listen to it at home, very casually mind, and its sounding really good. You listen to things in a whole new light when they’re ” finished” , and I’m noticing how good it all is to listen to. We’re gonna pick out the best song as i said before and hopefully do something with the rest too. Then mastering etc etc and marketing etc etc then promoting etc etc then touring etc etc then a cover etc etc , a title etc etc . Hopefully we’ll see Ethan again somewhere, he was a great person to work with, I really appreciated how well it all came together, like a game of tetris at the end. Musically it works ,it just flows, you cant hear all the work that went into it but thats whats so good about it. I guess we have a few days to hang out a bit, go back to our little studio and make it workable again. Till something else happens….or I can find a minute between nappies and bouncing… G

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