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Mastering last Friday

Last Thursday, the band revealed they were going to master the new record the next day. Also, Olly reveals his wife his expecting a 2nd baby any day now. Read the message below:

Master Blaster
Hey there;
On friday we master the new record with Ethan and a man with giant satellite like ears that can pick up the faint sighing of a melancholic mouse in a field on the other side of the world, oh and our managers and the label peeps too!
What that really means is basically we have to finally commit to a list of songs to live with forever and make something the kids call a “compact disk”. You can also tweak the sound a bit more too and make it LOUDER.
Things have been going worryingly smoothly so far. We found an image for a cover and everyone actually agreed to it!!!!! (not normal at all)
We are almost agreed on what constitutes a single 😉
And people are basically really excited to put this thing out.
Choosing the tracks that have made it on the record has been utterly horrible. Easily the hardest of all the records but I feel like we have something that has a very strong identity and does not repeat its self. We shall have some gems left over and will try and do something imaginative with them but the album is our main concern at the moment.
In other news my wife n’ I are expecting our 2nd child any moment now!
Heres Tom with the weather….

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