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Since there is no Turin Brakes news, I’ll have to make news myself… Here it goes…

Since the beginning of Ether Site in 2003, gig photos have been part of the site. Sometimes already the day after the gig there were photos to be viewed, sent in by visitors. Now, the photo galleries are taken to a whole new level. From now on, people can upload their photos to Ether Site, add comments, rate them and link to them to post on public forums elsewhere on the worldwide web. It’s exciting! You no longer have to use sites like Flickr (who only display the last 200 photos you made) or Imagevenue to host your images, let Ether Site do it for you!

The new photo gallery is online now and ready to be used. It’s available in many languages for your convenience. Register an account now and start uploading your old Turin Brakes gig photos. And if you’re going to the Latitude festival this Saturday, here’s another reason to take your camera!

Once you’ve uploaded your photos, other people will be able to see and rate them. I, Stefan, will then also add them to the appropriate album so that they’re easier to find. Start now, you’ll find it is fun.

Check the new photo gallery now.
Please note: the old photo gallery is still accessible from the index links on this page, but will disappear once all old photos have been transferred.

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