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‘Dark On Fire’ premiere on Myspace: Monday!

Monday, after the Latitude festival this weekend, will see the premiere of the title track of the new LP Dark on Fire. Gale announced this on Myspace yesterday. The band also talked about playing the Latitude festival, claiming that 45 minutes wasn’t enough time to play everything they wanted. Here’s the full message:

Being beaten up with sound

…………..Boy oh boy, the first few hours of rehearsing when you havent played with a band for a while really are like getting your head kicked in. And then suddenly, wow, it all sounds great somehow. Phil’s had all his keys propped up on boxes cos we seem to have lost all the keyboard stands , and where the hell aare all the cables? and there’s also an amp that seems to have vanished.
We’re planning to do 4 or so newbies and some of ‘ The Old Classics ‘ as we now call them. 45 mins just isnt enough really. Ideally we’d play loads and loads of new ones and loads and loads of old ones , and you’d all sing along as the sun went down and then we’d zoom off in our luxury bus celebrating with cheese and wine and then we’d repeat over and over. Hopefully we’ll also get a chance to see a few bands , Joan as Policewoman, Herman Dune, Rodrigo and Gabriella .
Meanwhile back in the office we’re getting in the mood to make a video for the first single. Its like the old days .
Also, hope you’ve been enjoying the odd change on our MySpace Player , on monday we gonna put up the new song ‘ Dark On Fire ‘ so you can listen to it at your leisure, and tell your friends about it . Keep Safe G

Update (7 pm): Olly writes on tb.com: On monday we will stick the title track from new LP Dark On Fire up on www.myspace.com/turinbrakes and hopefully here too or at least a link! We made it with an orchestra and spines tingled….

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