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Rob looks back @ Latitude

Rob Allum, Turin Brakes drummer, updated the myspace today with his comments on the Latitude festival:

Attitude to Latitude is immense gratitude!
So…..at 8.30pm or thereabouts on Saturday evening we were all pacing around with trepidation behind the thick black drapes at the back of the Uncut stage at Latitude festival.
About five minutes later we all had a great big smile on our faces!!
To all who were there and gave us such a warm welcome and sang along and made it feel like our own special festival…Thanks a million. And to those out there reading about this and feeling a bit glum that you couldn’t be there too; fear not, hopefully we’ll be out there doing shows for you all before too long (Feel free to contact our record label and promoters in your region to encourage a visit!).
It was great to be back up on stage again after quite a lengthy break and it went better than we dared imagine, especially as festivals can sometimes be a bit of an unknown quantity. We played 5 new tunes in a set of only 10 altogether (45mins) and everyone seemed to be genuinely appreciative and attentive even though they probably hadn’t heard them before. That was one of the big questions we had about the gig beforehand: how many new ones should we play?, along with whether it should be shirts tucked in or out? or should I use my meal ticket now or save it til after the show? For the record, I saved mine but never used it due to the excessive amount of sliced meats in our dressing room?
I must say that I think everyone looked very smart up there on stage and we were hoping that someone would have some pictures we could post just to prove that everyone made the effort! Let us know.
My favourite song we played that night was Otherside (from the forthcoming album)…It just seemed to flow gently like a shimmering moonlit estuary out into the wider world. Loved it.
Anyway thanks you guys for making us feel all wanted and warm inside and really looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

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