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Back from my UK Holiday, here’s the latest news (and some older news as well):

Lock Tavern
Turin Brakes played a very hot but also very good gig at the Lock Tavern last Sunday. Check out the Shared Stories section tomorrow for a detailed account of the gig, for now: here’s a message from the band on the topic:

Hi, Sunday at the Lock Tavern in Camden was hot hot hot…. I’d say as hot as the half moon last year but with even less oxygen! The PA system was the same size as most peoples home stereos but it seemed to work ok. It was great to meet all the different peeps and feed off their endless enthusiasm (it really does help) and excitement for the new LP. We met Shazia and Stefan (from our very own TB forum),who are always very polite and observant 😉 and had many a beer with some lovely TB fans who always have such good stories relating to the records or other live performances over the years, it’s like a cult or something I guess but as Rob says we don’t sell enough merchandise to be a real cult!
Next stop UK tour then hopefully the rest of the globe.

Turin Brakes played 12 songs (Last Chance, Mind Over Money, Otherside, Real Life, Underdog, Dark On Fire, Something In My Eye, Ghost, Stalker, Long Distance, Future Boy and Painkiller).

Stalker single
A promo (click on promo to see the cover) for Stalker has been surfacing. It’s a two track, the 2nd one is an instrumental version. The catalogue number is SOURCDJ127. The video has also been shot:

So we were just then , last week filming our first video for ages and ages. The idea is hopefully more a short film with us in it type thing. Anyhoo, it has real actresses and actors in it , and real fish being cut up . The story runs like this.. actually, you’ll have to wait and see , keep your eyes on MTV and all the rest cos you never know who may play it ! We basically spent one half day in a basement looking shady and a day and a night in a pub looking like we were in a pub. It may not sound it but a lot of hard work was involved,but it was , especially from Olly who was delivering acting that even the pros were jealous of , and there were pros there too! Natalie Press from My Summer Of Love and Christine Bottomley (photo) from many TV things , a list too long to go into. And the whole band was there which was obviously more fun than the 2 of us . We rapped at 3Am friday, just in time for Eddie to get home, have 2 hours sleep , get his double bass and play a set of songs he didnt know in front of loads of people on Clapham common. Havent seen a cut yet but we have a lot of faith. Hopefully it will turn out well, as will everything else and everything will be just rosy, like roses.

Dark On Fire

A sneak preview of the cover was given in the mailinglist. There is a (very) short interview here.
Some sites have started listing different versions of Dark On Fire. So far a CD version, a jewelcase version (which is cheaper) and a Enhanced bonus CD version (2CDs) have popped up across the web.

More news when we get it. There was at least one journalist at the gig last Sunday, so who knows a review will pop up somewhere.

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