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‘Something In My Eye’ Contest

Little Phil gave me a note with the chords of the new Turin Brakes song Something In My Eye at their last gig in London. So these are the chords:

A – C#m – Em – D
A – C#m – D – B

Bm – Bm/Ab – C#m – D (x2)

A – C#m – D

Now, of course these chords aren’t of use when you don’t actually the song… Or are they?
Make and record your version of ‘Something In My Eye’ (write your own lyrics, since nobody knows the real ones). There’s only one rule: use these chords. And your imagination.
The best / most original / funniest version wins a dutch copy of the Stalker CD single.
Send it as an mp3 to ethersite@gmail.com before September 10, or upload your MP3 elsewhere and post it in this forum thread.

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