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Tuesday’s news roundup

Secret gig details
Turin Brakes are playing a very special gig at St Barnabas Church in Central London on the 21st Sept (next friday).. By downloading Dark on Fire for free here you can win one of the 20 pairs of tickets.

Full album on MySpace
Finally everyone can listen to the full album. No more previews, the real thing… HERE!

6 Music session
Turin Brakes played a session at BBC 6music’s Gideon show. MP3 of the interview + session which includes Stalker and Dark on Fire available tomorrow.

Video of Clash gig
The video of the Clash Magazine gig is being edited by the label and will be used in a number of ways, one of them being a cut posted on the Clash Magazine website, which should be online soon.

Bonus CD is really an EP
The bonus CD is listed on the artwork as an extra ep, called the Something Out Of Nothing EP. The album is out on Monday.

New Horses Mouth
A pre-tour rehearsals clip has been posted on turinbrakes.com in the horses mouth section.

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