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New interviews, reviews + download XFM session

So what’s the news… First up, a new interview is available for reading purposes here.
There are some new reviews as well, which are gathered in this topic on the Turin Brakes forum.

Session updates
Turin Brakes did play the Janice Long on BBC Radio 2 session when they said they would, so not last night (my mistake). They played Stalker, Dark on Fire and Timewaster. MP3s of this should become available during the weekend.
The XFM Music Response session was recorded and broadcasted last night and the band played Stalker as well as Ghost.

Something Out Of Nothing EP
I reported a few days ago about the bonus disc, but Olly told the official site something about it:

If you are quick to order one of the early copies of Turin Brakes’ new album on CD, you’ll be the lucky owner of an exclusive bonus 5 track EP for the same price as the normal album!…be quick though as there are only a limited number available.

Olly says:

“During the Dark On Fire Sessions we recorded 17 songs, 12 became the LP but the 5 sibling songs are just too good to leave sitting on some shelf gathering dust, they need to be heard (and sung back to us when are on tour)!
So we have made sure they are included with the 1st batch of Dark On Fire LP’s under the name Something Out Of Nothing EP. The 1st song Loopa is probably the furthest we have ever publicly pushed our sound and we are very proud of it and all the material on both discs, we hope you enjoy it!”

There’s also a new Horses Mouth clip available on the official Turin Brakes website, but the sound is not working.

Download XFM session
So now you can download the XFM Music Response session I talked about earlier. It works the same as with the 6music session. One .rar-file featuring some info and a number of MP3s. You need WinRar to extract the files, which can be downloaded for free. If you encounter any trouble downloading, please e-mail me at

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