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BBC Radio 2 / Radio 4 downloads (and more)

So, tomorrow is the big day! Turin Brakes’ Dark on Fire is finally released! But if you can’t wait you can listen to several sessions with songs from the album…

Loose Ends
Yesterday (Saturday) the boys played BBC Radio 4’s Loose Ends. They played Real Life. You can listen back at, but you can also just download the MP3 version here.

Janice Long
Earlier this week the boys were guests on Janice Long’s show @ BBC Radio 2, just after half past midnight. Besides a nice interview, the session includes nice renditions of Stalker, Dark on Fire and Timewaster. To download, click here.

Horses Mouth
The pre-tour rehearsal clip in the Horses Mouth section on the official Turin Brakes site is working properly now. If you search back for the Latitude festival you’ll find a clip there as well. And a new clip has been added, recorded at the Janice Long session.

Most critics seem to like the new album… But there are some who just don’t really like change. Read all the reviews on the official Turin Brakes forum here. Ether Site’s review will be added to the site sometime next week.

US release
Apparently the album is not being released yet by Astralwerks. The album is probably getting a spring 2008 release (thanks Jeanne).

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