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Myspace Blog: Tour Floor

Gale updated the Myspace blog today, live from Glasgow! There’s also some pictures available.

We’re in Glasgow sitting on huge leather sofas listening to Elgar at full volume, sipping tea. It keeps happening, we keep finding ourselves in very grown up, conservative situations , by mistake honest.
Sound check will be happening shortly and apparently if you crouch by the stage you can send emails on the venues wifi. It will be only the fourth show on the tour although it feels like we’ve been out for ages .The first leg in Cornwall went down a storm , both Falmouth and Exeter were very nice places to be , I even fell asleep on the beach on monday morning .And the venues were very controlled and quiet with very nice audiences, more like a holiday than a tour.
Bristol was like a massive pub ,. but an equally nice audience ( would we ever say anything else ? ) We’ve been changing things up a bit every night , trying new stuff in sound check. Bristol got Loopa, Exeter got Full Of Stars amongst others . Glasgow are about to get something but we havent decided yet .
We went out for shockingly posh grub last night, including, of course ,some haggis so dont be surprised if tonight has a meaty edge . G

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