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New Horses Mouth ‘Positivity’

tb-horsesmouth.pngA new horses mouth was posted today on the official website, with Turin Brakes commenting on the ‘respectable’ chart result of Dark on Fire and looking back on the first couple of days.

The band call their fans to arms to request Turin Brakes on the radio etc. So please do your bit and help promote this record! Call that DJ (even if you don’t like him) and tell him what a great record Dark on Fire is and whether they could play Stalker or any other track from that album…

Tell your friends, fans and family what a great record you just bought: Dark on Fire by Turin Brakes. Convince them. Do whatever it takes. They will eventually have to buy it, because you won’t stop bugging them. And take them with you to a Turin Brakes live gig… Make sure the band get the appreciation they deserve!

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